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Exclamation Important: a new scary rumour

quote from different irc chans (efnet):
I'm not sure at the moment if it is true, but i heard it from several sources, so we better be safe than sorry. FlashFXP version 2 is suspicios to send your sites.dat to spa.org, an anti-piracy group. If that happens u all can imagine the consequences. Please don't even install the new version and tell this to all people affilated with FXP.

dunno if its true never checked the a http packet sniffer but i hope its not true
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Pathetic... it's a waste of time to continue answering this kind of rumours...

WHERE IS the REAL information that verify that FlashFXP send this file, WHERE IS?¿... there isn't any real information cause those rumours ARE FALSE... STOP posting that class of SHIT on this forum ---> tell this to your SEVERAL SOURCES :P :P

LEARN to think with your head instead harming the reputation of a program, damn...
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man, do you people ever stop? this is moronic! http://forum.flashfxp.com/showthread...&threadid=1076

get a life people.
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ya i readed the other rumours post some time ago, but this time the guys who said that gave some "special" proofs... dunno if they wrong but i will check it myself
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Believe me, if you have to go back and "check for yourself", odds are you're wrong.

As bigstar stated in another thread, if you are so paranoid then download a packet sniffer and find out for yourself what is being sent out. Rest assured it isn't your sites.dat, or any file on your hard drive.

These rumors are completely false, what more do you people want? Morons who continually breathe life into this gossip, such as ::cough:: littlefart ::cough:: are only displaying there below average intelligence and lack of maturity.

Don't like FlashFXP? That's fine -- search hard enough and you might find another ftp client that suits your needs. You have to realize by polluting this forum with unverified nonsense, especially after it has been discussed time after time -- you are taking away time from development.

Do yourself, and everyone else a favor and kill this rumor, chances are you will stop yourself from looking like an idiot.
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Since the above referred thread is closed, I can't post my screeny. So I do it here (but, feel free to close this thread too *g*) Instead of opening a new thread, I think this can be posted here, even though this isn't yet 100% what we were discussing.

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you got nothing to worry about if you own it...
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To be honest, I don't think you have anything to worry about if you don't own it either. I'd be willing to bet that a high percentage of people here (yes, including myself) used ill gotten keys for a while with this product before deciding that, quite frankly, it's a wonderful piece of software, and (IMO) the most powerful and flexible FTP client available, and a steal at $25. I work for a well know shareware development house, and so am very familiar with how this sort of thing works (with our software, groups generally buy the software on stolen or fake cards, then release). The fact of the matter is that it's simply impractical to chase after every single user using an illegal copy of the program, especially given the number of them with a program such as this, and it's all but impossible to catch the groups that release and popup laden web pages that distribute to the undeserving. I think that BigStar's policy is brilliant - make it as inconvenient as possible for people to use illegal keys (through a method which is not disreputable, no matter how you look at it). Eventually, all but the cheapest losers will see how good the program is and buy it - and let's face it, those that refuse to pay for it even after seeing how good it is aren't likely to pay for it even if you made it impossible to use any kind of hacked or cracked version.

Just my $0.02.

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consequences, imagine, sniffer, true, version

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