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Default Windrop... ERROR


I have downloaded and changed the config file to how I need it as far as I can tell. My bot connects succesfully with the server (IRC) and seems to be ok, I can ping it, version check it, and sorted the password out. But!! I am running it on WindowsXP using "Cygwin" I think it is. It connects ok like I say but just doesn't connect to the right channel. No matter what I do, all the parts where it said #lamest or something, are now set to my channel name! But still I get nothing.

Not sure If I will ever get this thing working. I wanted it for...

giving people voice when they enter the channel! and welcoming messages -notice- etc... and also when people type in !link or whatever it resonds. this is what I want it for rather than running a mIRC client on a machine. Is this possible to get it working?

Here is what it does when it launches and I try to DCC to it prob because it is ont he same machine wont work that DCC part... Not sure how I command it as in Cygwin when i run it, it tells me all this info which is great, but I cannot ecape it only by closing cygwin then howdo I run commands?!!!

$ ./eggdrop -n bot.conf

Eggdrop v1.6.17 (C) 1997 Robey Pointer (C) 2004 Eggheads
[14:46] Allocated bind table unld (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table time (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table note (flags 0)
[14:46] Allocated bind table nkch (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table load (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table link (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table filt (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table disc (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table dcc (flags 0)
[14:46] Allocated bind table chpt (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table chon (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table chof (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table chjn (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table chat (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table bot (flags 0)
[14:46] Allocated bind table bcst (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table away (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table act (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table evnt (flags 1)
[14:46] --- Loading eggdrop v1.6.17 (Tue Feb 1 2005)
[14:46] Module loaded: dns
[14:46] Module loaded: channels
[14:46] Allocated bind table wall (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table raw (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table notc (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table msgm (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table msg (flags 0)
[14:46] Allocated bind table flud (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table ctcr (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table ctcp (flags 1)
[14:46] Module loaded: server
[14:46] Module loaded: ctcp
[14:46] Allocated bind table topc (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table splt (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table sign (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table rejn (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table part (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table nick (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table mode (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table kick (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table join (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table pubm (flags 1)
[14:46] Allocated bind table pub (flags 0)
[14:46] Allocated bind table need (flags 1)
[14:46] Module loaded: irc
[14:46] LANG: Section loaded: notes
[14:46] LANG: 42 messages of 47 lines loaded from ./language/notes.english.lang
[14:46] LANG: 42 adds, 0 updates to message table
[14:46] Module loaded: notes (with lang support)
[14:46] LANG: Section loaded: console
[14:46] LANG: 10 messages of 15 lines loaded from ./language/console.english.lan
[14:46] LANG: 10 adds, 0 updates to message table
[14:46] Module loaded: console (with lang support)
[14:46] Module loaded: blowfish
[14:46] Module loaded: uptime
[14:46] Userinfo TCL v1.07 loaded (URL BF GF IRL EMAIL DOB PHONE ICQ).
[14:46] use '.help userinfo' for commands.
[14:46] winident.tcl v1.2 - by FireEgl@EFNet <FireEgl@Windrop.cjb.net> - Loaded.

[14:46] Userfile loaded, unpacking...
[14:46] === Info: 0 channels, 1 users.
[14:46] main: entering loop
[14:46] Identd: Listening On Port 113, Replying as lamest***
[14:46] Trying server irc.solidirc.com:6667
[14:46] DNS resolved irc.solidirc.com to
[14:46] net: connect! sock 6
[14:46] Connected to irc.solidirc.com
[14:46] -NOTICE- *** If you are having problems connecting due to ping timeouts,
please type /quote pong BDBB8DC2 or /raw pong BDBB8DC2 now.
[14:46] CTCP VERSION: from IRC (IRC@bsr.solidirc.com)
[14:46] Identd: Disabled.
[14:46] -Global (services@solidirc.com)- [☻Logon News☻ - Oct 27 2004] ♥1,9☻Welco
me on SolidIRC - Your Place to be ▼-=-▼ We wish all our users a nice stay and ha
ppy chatting! ▼-=-▼ Just remember: A Staffmember of SolidIRC is NEVER going to a
sk anyone for his NickServ password, so you can safely ignore such requests! ▼-=
-▼ Questions? /join #solidirc :and ask for help ▼-=-▼ www.solidirc.com☻
[14:46] -NickServ (services@solidirc.com)- This nickname is registered and prote
cted. If it is your
[14:46] -SecureServ (TS@stats.solidirc.com)- Your IRC client is being checked fo
r Trojans. Please dis-regard VERSION messages from SecureServ
[14:46] CTCP VERSION: from SecureServ (TS@stats.solidirc.com)
[14:46] -NickServ (services@solidirc.com)- nick, type ☻/msg NickServ IDENTIFY ▼p
assword▼☻. Otherwise,
[14:46] -NickServ (services@solidirc.com)- please choose a different nick.
[14:46] CTCP VERSION: from Defender (Defender@solidirc.com)
[14:46] -User
(~Whyuwanna@SolidIRC-B53286F3.isp.co.uk)- DCC Chat (***.***.**.***)
[14:46] CTCP DCC: CHAT chat 3567208167 7000 from user (~Whyuwanna@SolidIRC-B5328
[14:46] DNS resolved ***.***.**.*** to user (Edited out)
[14:46] DCC connection: CHAT (user!~Whyuwanna@SolidIRC-B53286F3.isp.co.uk)
[14:46] dequeue_sockets(): errno = 128 (Transport endpoint is not connected) on
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