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Default df.exe

For some reason !free would not work anymore. and all the other posts that had fixes did not work for me. so i searched google for df.exe and found one that is bigger in size to the one dzsbot comes with. i replaced it and it works! but only will show free space on hdd. not free + total. so i had to fix dzsbot to not try to show total..

before the dzsbot edit = [>>FREE<<] ==> [DiSC:MP3: 3.97/0.00GB] - [DiSCiVX/DVDR: 16.97/0.00GB]

after dzsbot edit = [>>FREE<<] ==> [DiSC:MP3: 3.97GB] - [DiSCiVX/DVDR: 16.97GB] -

new free space line on my dzsbot.

proc show_free { nick uhost hand chan arg } {
global binary announce device disable
if { $disable(FREE) == 0 } {
set output $announce(DEFAULT)
for {set i 0} {$i < $device(TOTAL)} {incr i} {
foreach line [split [exec $binary(DF)] "\n"] {
if { [string match [lindex $line 0] [string toupper [lindex $device($i) 0]]] == 1 } {
append devices "\[[lindex $device($i) 1]: %bold[format %.2f [expr [lindex $line 3].0/1024/1024]]%boldGB\] - "
set output [replacevar $output "%msg" $devices]
set output [basicreplace $output "FREE"]
sndall "DEFAULT" $output

new df.exe file.


worked for me. if im talkin out my ass sorry.

R****n To ioFTPD USER!
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Default network drives

Im havin trouble getting network drives to show.
Have a 2.4Tb disc on a slave comp. Added it to the dzsbot settings, like the other discs thats on the main computer... no problems showing the discspace on onboard HDs, only network drives giving me a blank : [ FREE ] +

Tried to use the DF.exe setup aswell, didnt work for me shows same as dzsbot, blank on the network drive, but works on onboard discs ... any1 know how to beat this "bug" ? or have any tips at all, maybe im doing something wrong ^^ =)

Tried iodiskspace.exe in cmd prompt, then it shows the network drives speed, only it wont announce on irc chan with dzsbot... all help is welcome =)

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Default Freespace

Been testing and looking for the problem that causes the freespace to fuxxor.

Problem is when I mount a network drive from my slave box, dzsbot aint announcing them.
Im running ioftpd 5-8-5 with SSL and as service (firedaemon) + latest dzsbot.

People who uses dzsbot know the free announcements :
[ FREE ] + [HD1: 1.55/232.88 GB]
[ FREE ] + [HD2: 646.39/1620.89 GB]
[ FREE ] + [HD3: 518.91/1117.83 GB]

Problem is with my main ftpd,the HDs that are mounted as network drives aint showing up on the free list. Instead I get this :
[ FREE ] + [HD1: 1.55/232.88 GB]
[ FREE ] +
[ FREE ] + [HD3: 518.91/1117.83 GB]

I can make it show in VFS files, but the freespace is fukd
Now, to try and find the problem, I started with a clean install of io.
same versions offcourse. Io + dzsbot
Now, when mounting the network drive, it works fine, both in irc announcing and in vfs.
starting io as service, announce working, but vfs ****d itself. made the vfs work again.
Then I added SSL to the server, now, I get the same freespace as I got before, with the missing HD.
Removed the SSL setup again, but HD still missing in freespace lines.
Now, I need to know if any1 can help me to get this to work.
Get back the missing freespace line, and get it to work whilest SSL is enabled.

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df.exe, dzsbot, free, show, work

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