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! Requests Need a script or some sort of cool .bat file ? Ask here!

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Default [Filled] IRC Admin Script

like the sitebot script for glftpd

/msg xXx addip [login] [pass] [IP] (for normal users)

would save a hell of a lot of time


a staff channel irc admin script for adding new users accross multiple sites would be awesome, I know its lazy but...

!adduser TRiAL user pass *@ip

accross 10 +site's would be a dream
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Old 03-18-2004, 10:08 PM   #2
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I would like to see a script like this as well. Offering an IRC Admin channel for the site via the sitebot. Where we can see errors and what not in the admin channel (like ioBanana). And where we can also use !adduser, !addip, !addgrp, and other site commands for us lazy admins with multiple sites to admin, and don't have shared DB implemented.

We can use !adduser, and all sitebots inside that channel will add the user to the sites. Somthing like gl IRCadmin.

Thanks In Advance. 8)
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Old 03-19-2004, 03:54 AM   #3
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when you use ioBanana its pretty easy to do.. just add the following lines in ioBanana.tcl

bind pub - [set ioss(cmdpre)]site sitealias

proc sitealias {nick uhost hand chan args} { if {[trusted_user $uhost]} {ioBanana $nick $chan "[lindex $args 0] [lindex $args 1] [lindex $args 2] [lindex $args 3] [lindex $args 4] [lindex $args 5]"} }
it uses the trusted-hosts option in ioBanana so pretty secure too.

now sitebot will do:

!site adduser -> in ftp site adduser..

it just echo's the !site cmd.
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Or use this:
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Old 11-03-2004, 10:09 AM   #5
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Here is the code i put for the iobanana v20 :banana:

bind pub - $ioBvar(cmdpre)site ioB:sitealias
catch {unbind pub - $ioBvar(cmdpre)site ioB:sitealias}
proc ioB:sitealias {nick uhost hand chan args} {if {[ioB:istrusted $uhost]} {ioB:ioBanana $nick $uhost $hand $chan "[lindex $args 0] [lindex $args 1] [lindex $args 2] [lindex $args 3] [lindex $args 4] [lindex $args 5]"}; return}
I put it just behind all "approve" cmd.

Anyway that's working.
And it's working with trusted user like the post before.

If it's can be useful to someone...

And after in your irc channel if you use mirc, u can do something like that and put it on ur alias
/ioftpcmd { var %ioftpcmd = $$?="Enter your command:" | msg #ur_admin_chan !botprefixsite %ioftpcmd | msg #ur_admin_chan !bot2prefixsite %ioftpcmd | msg #ur_admin_chan !bot3prefixsite %ioftpcmd }
Etc etc etc...
And it's working really great

[15:53:17] <@nick> !ioftpdsite delip ioftpd ioftpd@iobanana.gov
[15:53:24] [|ioftpd|] Removed: 'ioftpd@iobanana.gov'
[15:53:29] [|ioftpd|] [ioftpd SYSOP] 25-12-2666 00:00:07 'sitebot' removed ip 'ioftpd@iobanana.gov' from user 'ioftpd'.'

Really usefull indeed when you have many bot on the chan ^^
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accross, admin, irc, script, users

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