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Default CTS reloaded, i can post it?

i've made a custom version of the cts script, i've made bug fix, added some important functions , but i can't find blisters (owner of first version).
I think this version can be usefull for someone but i prefer post it after asking the permission to blisters.
If someone on the scene know him please ask if he can pm me.
Tnx, NiK
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Prolly will give you a bit more feedback if you explain what the script does, purpose, maybe output of it etc... otherwise people are too lazy to even look it up
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Too much time...
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wooolF: http://www.ioftpd.com/scripts/script.php?id=94
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The first version of this script is already here but it seams the owner (Blisters) are not mantaining or something, and i can't find he anywhere.
I've made for my personal use a nice version of CTS, whit bug fix, better improvement for quota, something new giving more stability, ecc...
But before post it i will be pleased to speak whit Blisters , if someone know him....
(sorry for bad english..)
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Blisters have taken a step down and stop working with CTS :/

He did start working with CTS for getting a script working on both glftpd and ioftpd sites with credits transfer and then it did get more functions after that.

To bad see you taking the glftpd part away :/
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He's not online very much these days but contact me in #ioftpd and i'll see if i can get him for you
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Default RANKiNG

I made this little procedure to have ranking under CTS Reloaded... nothing perfect, but working Enjoy...

PHP Code:
proc cts-quota:rank nick uhost hand chan text } { global cts enabled
    set us 
[lindex [split $text0]
cts-quota:save.quota $nick $uhost $hand $chan $text
    set stats 
[readfile $cts(progdir)/cts/logs/cts.quota.now]
line [split $stats '\n'] {
lappend lista [lindex [split $line '|'1]
set sorted [lsort -integer -decreasing [split $lista]]
set y 1
    set z 1
    set precelem 0
    set prec 
set diff 0
foreach element [split [lrange $sorted 0 100]] {
line [split $stats '\n'] {
                if { 
$element == "[lindex [split $line '|'] 1]" && $element != 0  } {
set login [lindex [split $line '|'0]
set diff [expr $precelem-$element+1]
                        if { [
lindex [split $login '@'0] == $us && $y == } {hubsend msg 5 $chan MSG "\0033\[\003RANKiNG\0033\]\003\00312:\003 \0033[b][u]$us[u][b]\003 you are the \0034FiRST\003 with [b]$element[b] mbs globally uploaded! Well done!"}
                        if { [
lindex [split $login '@'0] == $us && $y != } {hubsend msg 5 $chan MSG "\0033\[\003RANKiNG\0033\]\003\00312:\003 \0034(\003\00314$us\003\0034)\003, your position is \0034(\003\00314$y\003\0034)\003 with \0034(\003\00314$element\003\0034)\003 mbs globally uploaded. You need to up  \0034(\003\00314$diff\003\0034)\003 mbs more to hook  \0034(\003\00314$prec\003\0034)\003 and gain position \0034(\003\00314$z\003\0034)\003"}            
set prec [lindex [split $login '@'0]
set precelem $element 
                        set z $y
            incr y

Add it under cts-quota.tcl
PS: Obviously is not PHP, just to have some colours
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Default Working on CTS.RELOADED

nice job, i'm nearly ready for the new release. I've find more support and some thinks was not working proper on windows machine.
I'm on testing fase, so old on a bit and i will publish the new version.
For autodelete and some other stuff i'll wait maybe a 3.+ version, anyway for the 3.0 i've made some new stuff you will enjoy.
I hope the people enjoy and they will post me new ideas and stuff to add.
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I just tested this scrip and WOW good job m8 one thing I miss is blowfish encryption,, are u going to implant it or... if not I will get right on trying to do it myself

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could this be upped in the script section?
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blisters, cts, made, post, version

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