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Default Check BNC\FREE in iONiNJA and progress meter edit

Hi everybody

i have a problem with ioninja.

i try to edited in ioNiNJA.zst

announce.BNC = "%b{BNC} > Checking bouncer status..."

announce.BNC = ""
but when i rehash my bot, bnc trigger not works. so script want absolutely a char, but i don't want this line of spam when i launch !bnc command. it's possible?

and freespace trigger show in my channel like that:

(22:44:12) ‹@mybot› SECTION1 > 41.3GB 13.9% free > 256.8GB 86.1% used > 298.1GB total
(22:44:12) ‹@mybot› :
(22:44:12) ‹@mybot› SEC2 > 596.9GB 64.1% free > 334.6GB 35.9% used > 931.5GB total
(22:44:12) ‹@mybot› :
(22:44:14) ‹@mybot› SEC3 > 33.8GB 11.3% free > 264.3GB 88.7% used > 298.1GB total
(22:44:16) ‹@mybot› :
(22:44:18) ‹@mybot› SEC4 > 3.1GB 0.8% free > 369.5GB 99.2% used > 372.6GB total
(22:44:20) ‹@mybot› :
(22:44:22) ‹@mybot› SEC5 > 20.9GB 4.5% free > 444.8GB 95.5% used > 465.8GB total
(22:44:24) ‹@mybot› :
(22:44:26) ‹@mybot› 5 Total > 696.1GB > 2.31TB
but i wish that it show without ":" line, it's possible? i can't find any solution about that.

and the last problem is about progress meter.

in PZS-NG.theme i tried to edit:

set ioNJ(progressmeter) "\[%progress_bar\] - %percentdone% Complete - \[%sitename\]"

set ioNJ(progressmeter) "%percentdone% Complete "
but not works, infact if i rescan a rls, script create a lot of dirs like that:

how is possible edit this line? is very very strange that script make these dirs when i cut %progressbar and %sitename!

i hope that someone can help me.

note: site rescan this works for me, but when i try to rescan a dir if there isn't a configured section, not works, the error is:

(22:49:46) [1] site rescan
(22:49:46) [1] 200 Command successful.
and not rescan nothing of course.

thanks for the help (i hope)

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To hide the announce.BNC, just edit the dZSbot.tcl file and remove/comment out the following line: sndone $channel $announce(BNC). Should be around 370.

Check your theme for \n in announce.FREE-DEV. Also check the set device(0) in your dzsbot.conf.

About the progress dir; the scripts creates a new dir for each update but has to delete the older one. I guess it cant find the old dir because you changed it. Just keep the standard progress dir.
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‹@mybot›, free, rescan, total, works

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