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ioFTPD General New releases, comments, questions regarding the latest version of ioFTPD.

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Old 03-02-2006, 08:21 PM   #16
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well, i'm feeling w00t.

i finally got ioFTPD compiling again here at inicom. previously, everything was just running off my home computer, and well, i've not been spending that much time at home.

when i first started working with ioftpd, i inherited an incomplete build environment. it took me a while to figure out what i needed to do to get the program to compile. alas, i did not take very good notes, and when i came time to set that environment up again, i basically was starting over.

this time, i've got the machines, the wiki, and the support to actually document what i did and make the process repeatable. i've spend the last several days having more than one "ah ha! i remember how i did that!" moments as i remember what to do about these error messages that i *know* i've seen.

while doing this, i updated both tcl and php to the latest versions. i'm also using visual studio 8 now, which involved all sorts of tweaks to the code. mmm progress.

with any luck, my next update will actually be about what i'm doing *to* ioftpd, instead of what i'm doing *with* ioftpd.

please direct all comments to the comment thread.
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Old 03-31-2006, 06:56 PM   #17
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Default regression framework for ioftpd

it has been very busy around here, in the growing pains sort of way. i've got a lot of projects on my plate, and i'm trying to divide my time between all of them. this works much better in theory. :/

on the ioftpd front, i've built the beginning of a regression test framework so i can actually reproduce the problems reported here on the forums. it is complete enough that i've written several basic tests. a test input (baseline) file looks something like this:

;;; a basic list of the README on the remote server, using the
;;; anonymous account.
<-- 220 FTP Server ready.
--> USER anonymous
<-- 331 Password required for anonymous.
--> PASS root@
<-- 230-    [0-9]{2}/[0-9]{2}/[0-9]{2}[0-9]{2}:[0-9]{2}:[0-9]{2}
<-- 230-User [a-zA-Z]+ from [a-zA-Z]+, welcome to our FTP server.
<-- 230-
<-- 230-Site layout:
<-- 230-
<-- 230-        /home/          - Home directories
<-- 230-        /mnt/           - Network mounts
<-- 230-        /private/       - Private content
<-- 230-        /pub/           - Public content
<-- 230-
<-- 230-
<-- 230-Site activity:
<-- 230-
<-- 230-        Users online    : [0-9]+
<-- 230-        Active transfers: [0-9]+
<-- 230-
<-- 230-Enjoy your stay.
<-- 230 User anonymous logged in.
--> TYPE I
<-- 200 Type set to I.
--> PASV
<-- 227 Entering Passive Mode \([0-9]+,[0-9]+,[0-9]+,[0-9]+,[0-9]+,[0-9]+\)
<-- 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for README.
this tarball should be uncompressed into the root of the ioFTPD
server you intend to test.  it is designed to test the default
ioFTPD configuration, so make sure you haven't made any
configuration changes before running this test suite.
<-- 226 Transfer complete.
--> QUIT
<-- 221 Come back soon!
the test framework sends lines that start with '-->' to the ftp server, and compares what it gets back against the lines starting with '<--' in the baseline.

with the test suite i've got, i can unzip the files in the root of the ftp server and run the tests against the now configured "test" server. overall, it works pretty well. the one *major* problem is that the test suite currently runs on linux, as i had a bunch of tools developed for linux that i could leverage.

i'd like this to be something i can publish to the community so i can add user-contributed tests to the test suite. this would be especially useful when reporting problems... if it can be recreated it can be fixed.

what is the interest in writing tests? is the fact that the test suite runs on linux a problem? let me know what you think of the idea, i'm sure i didn't do it justice with the quick description.

please direct all comments to the comment thread.
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Old 04-17-2006, 03:48 PM   #18
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Default ioFTPD 5.8.8r released

i just released ioFTPD 5.8.8r.

unlike my previous releases, this is a full release of the distribution, binary, library, configuration, site, etc. it is essentially a snapshot of my development tree, minus source code.

i've added quite a bit of documentation to the configuration files, changed the default configuration to make it easier to get started with ioFTPD, and done some basic documentation of the install process, with references back to these forums and the user guide.

all of this is intended to make it easier to get started with ioFTPD. additionally, i'd really like to figure out what is causing site commands to fail. in all my testing i wasn't able to uncover anything, so i'm putting a new baseline out there for further testing.

this release includes several enhancements:
  • the server side of the testing framework is included in the "site/" directory. the client side isn't available yet, so this is a bit of a teaser/technology preview. it isn't very well documented, but have a look around.
  • several small issues found while doing testing have been fixed. i don't think anything is user visible.
  • tcl updated to version
  • php updated to version

i'm hoping that the update of both tcl and php will help with the site command problem, and if it doesn't that we can at least develop a test showing what is going on. i'd like to recreate the problem if it doesn't go away with this release. please test!

please direct all comments to the comment thread.
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