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Default SITE cmd buttons + Char replacement on transfer

Hello and thanks for reading my post.

I wanted to give to you a few (three) suggestions for a future
version of FlashFXP. The command button thingie has been posted
before and search for it turned out it was in a forum that doesnt
accept any more posts because it was closed due to the subject
being suggestions for an old version of FlashFXP. Since this is about
the latest version of FlashFXP I am going to post it again

1. SITE Command buttons:

I don't think I need to say much on this. It means the ability to
assign SITE commands to a button that you can then select from
right-clicking on the button bar under the menu bar. Maybe
spawning a little dialog where you have three entries for Caption,
Command and Icon.

2. Char replacement:

By that I mean the following scenario: On many sites dirs with
spaces in them ("I am a dir") are not wanted due to either scripts
being involved or a collaboration workgroup working on projects
that cover more than one target OS.
So a tab in preferences (F6) would be nice where to tell FlashFXP to
replace all given chars with chars you like.

Another example: the German 'Ä' would be automatically replaced
with 'AE' which has the same meaning and working on websites in
Germany you always have to replace that. So if you forget one
instance you can screw things up for the designer and the
programmer in the project alike.
I am thinking of these very long nights and your tired and you make
mistakes. An auto-replacement feature for this would be particularly
nice in such instances.
This would be even more nice if the replacement occurs not on the
source site but the target site. This way your dirs stay the same on
your end and get corrected before sending them to the target.

3. Compare feature: New option

Correct me if I'm wrong but as of now you can compare dirs partially
or by exact match. Exact match features Advanced options such as
Compare by Name and Size, Do not compare endings etc.
It would be nice if you could select additionally to compare by Name
Only (and not size).
This would cover the scenario where on sites a script is used to
clean up zip files for containing unwanted stuff. You cannot use the
compare dirs feature anymore then because the size differs from a
few KB.

Again, thanks for listening and also for a great program ...

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1) I don't see the point of a button for that, if the menu contains the spawning menu you mention, and when you right click on the directory/file you have a spawning menu as well. Do you really think there is a need for 3 options to do site commands?

2) I can see this being handy in some situations, however IMHO this is a server side thing. The server should be configured to accept these kinds of characters or not. Perhaps in a future version where scripting is implemented this will be possible though.

3) If you just press Control-D FlashFXP will be comparing on file name only (i tested it here and works exactly as you wanted it to behave)
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Old 05-09-2005, 05:57 PM   #3
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Hello Hetfield,

Thanks for your reply.

1. Well of course your right, there is the menu with right-clicking,
select commandset, select command, press mouse button.
Maybe this is just about which is faster and this is a slim point that
most likely requires to much programming to implement.
It's just that I tried another client, and this was a point that made
the experience of handling a server with site command
(like glftpd, ioftpd etc.) faster.
It may seem really pickery, but then again usability of a
program/website even goes down to measuring how many pixels do
I have to travel with my mouse to reach a button/menu entry etc.
I dunno, I guess where I'm standing is if its too much programming
to implement then forget about it. Probably forget about the ability
to select an icon or whatever.
Now you might say, fine then use the other client but unfortunately
everything else wasnt so good about the other software. Plus I
have been using FlashFXP ever since.

2. Now this is were I disagree. I agree on that it could be
implemented of course on server but thats kinda missing the point. if
you're in a group working on projects it might be you dont get full
access to the server. Especially if multiple operating systems are
used you are always told: dont use spaces, dont use <somechar>
because..., name your dir like this please: <ins some convention>.
I think FlashFXP would benefit from setting this to different settings
for different projects (hence servers you connect to).

3. Thanks for doing some testing. I must try every setting again if it
works for you it must work for me too. So let's forget about this
point for now.


*** edit1 ***

1. hmmmm...... lol. I was completely forgetting about the ability to assign shortcuts. I was just reworking my command sets hehe. This makes point 1 very obsolete or what do you think?
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Old 05-10-2005, 08:21 AM   #4
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1) The shortcuts are indeed yet another way to issue site commands, which makes your original suggestion indeed a little obsolete .

2) Allrighty, at first i couldn't see a way to implement this without scripting support but now i do think this can be done without much effort. You should have an option in the preferences called "transfer as" and put all replacing characters there. Especially "%20" (space) replaced bij a "." would come in handy for a lot of users i think, since much ftpd's don't accept spaces. I do know however that the options in preferences are really outgrowing the space available there so we should crosses our fingers that Bigstar finds a little place for this .
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