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Default FFXP and different versions of WINE

FlashFXP v2.2 build 983 [BETA RELEASE]
Online support forums http://forum.flashfxp.com

Right when starting it I get this in the status window

An internal error has occurred.
External exception 80000100

But then again I haven't seen anyone describe the best way to get FlashFXP to run under WINE.

Regular ftps work a little, but SSL/TLS isn't.

[L] Connecting to MySite -> IP=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx PORT=xxx
[L] Connected to MySite
[L] 220 Crap info here
[L] 234 AUTH TLS successful
[L] Connected. Negotiating SSL/TLS session..
[L] Warning: SSL Context = NULL
[L] Connection failed (Connection closed by client)

Also queueing files seems broken. When I tried just now the session froze, so I had to kill it.

* FlashFXP v[2].[2], build [983], [x]registered
* OS[x] Other (Slackware 9.1, WineX 3.2-1,Wine 20030709,CX Wine 20030318 )
* Running behind NAT/router [x] No
* Running firewall [x] Yes, Name [IPTables ], Ver. [1.2.9 ]
* Running Antivirus [x] Yes, Name [clamav]
* Network [x] ADSL

additional info if related
* FTP server(s) name [glftpd], version [1.32]

* timestamped, and side prefixed FTP log

4/1/04 1:44:31 PM
Version: 2.2 (build 983) BETA
Compiled on: Mar 30, 2004
Object class: TFrmMain
Object Name: FrmMain
External exception 80000100

Basically the feeling is that it does not work under winex3.
If I try to start with "wine flashfxp.exe" it never starts.
With Winex3 it at least runs a little.

Better performance under Cross Over Office, (Wine that can do special tricks :-) but not all the way.

Trying a TLS renders this response

** Log Opened: 4/1/2004 5:09:59 PM
WinSock 2.0
Connecting to MySite
Ident Server: Unable to listen on port 113
Connected to MySite - -> IP=MyIp PORT=xxx
220 Crap info here
234 AUTH TLS successful
Negotiating SSL/TLS session...
Error: Failed to load SSL DLLS. ssleay32.dll or libeay32.dll
Connection failed (Connection closed by client)

Not using TLS FFXP performs just fine under CXO Wine.

Just realised I'd done the first CXO tests with 2.1.924.
Upgraded to 2.2.983 and ran tests again.

FFXP 2.2.983 CXO
*** Log Opened: 4/1/2004 5:19:16 PM
An internal error has occurred.
External exception 80000100

Ok, so that appears right when starting it.

.983 does NOT like CXO!
Trying to connect to a site works.
But when it is supposed to LIST it freezes.
I have to "kill" it.

Ident Server: Unable to listen on port 113
[L] Connecting to MySite -> IP=MyIp PORT=xxx
[L] Connected to MySite
[L] 220 ### ###
[L] USER MyUsername
[L] 331 Password required for MyUsername
[L] PASS (hidden)
[L] 230- _____
[L] 230- ______________________________|__ |____ ________________________________
[L] 230- \ _ / _ / _ / | | _ / _ / _ /
[L] 230- \ \ / / / /____/. | | / / /____/. /_____/
[L] 230- \________/____/ /______ |___|____|___/ /______ |____|
[L] 230- .-=----------- /____/ ---- |____| --------- /____/ ---- |____| -------=-.
[L] 230- `-=-------------------------------------------------------------------=-'
[L] 230- `-----( Type 'site onel MESSAGE' to enter your message )-----'
[L] 230 User MyUsernamelogged in.
[L] 215 UNIX Type: L8
[L] 211- Extensions supported
[L] 211 END
[L] 257 "/" is current directory.

There it hangs and nothing happens.

I'll keep testing. 924 worked better than 983.

I don't know if this should be run as a separate topic.
If so, you may split it for me.
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230-, auth, mysite, tls, [l]

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