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Question 425 cannot open data connection


first of all....thank you to passing by :-)

i have no firewall, there are no ports blocked on W2000, everything is working fine with a diffrent provider but not
with the provider where i am connected.

transfer problems are only with server to server, passive mode.
client server transfer are working.

i traced the frame...underneath you can see it, at the end you
can see the error message.

does everyone has an idear if that has something to do with
my provider ? does he block some ports ? and if yes how could i proof that he´s blocking some of them ?

any suggestion are very very very welcome


best neostar

Frame 78 (96 bytes on wire, 96 bytes captured)
Arrival Time: Jul 2, 2003 23:31:12.867496000
Time delta from previous packet: 1.273124000 seconds
Time relative to first packet: 31.356948000 seconds
Frame Number: 78
Packet Length: 96 bytes
Capture Length: 96 bytes
Ethernet II, Src: 00:e0:18:e8:07:04, Dst: 00:90:39:74:00:4a
Destination: 00:90:39:74:00:4a (ShastaNe_74:00:4a)
Source: 00:e0:18:e8:07:04 (AsustekC_e8:07:04)
Type: PPPoE Session (0x8864)
PPP-over-Ethernet Session
Version: 1
Type: 1
Code: Session Data
Session ID: 07a9
Payload Length: 76
Point-to-Point Protocol
Protocol: IP (0x0021)
Internet Protocol, Src Addr: (, Dst Addr: (
Version: 4
Header length: 20 bytes
Differentiated Services Field: 0x00 (DSCP 0x00: Default; ECN: 0x00)
0000 00.. = Differentiated Services Codepoint: Default (0x00)
.... ..0. = ECN-Capable Transport (ECT): 0
.... ...0 = ECN-CE: 0
Total Length: 74
Identification: 0xc82f (51247)
Flags: 0x04
.1.. = Don't fragment: Set
..0. = More fragments: Not set
Fragment offset: 0
Time to live: 128
Protocol: TCP (0x06)
Header checksum: 0x6074 (correct)
Source: (
Destination: (
Transmission Control Protocol, Src Port: ftp (21), Dst Port: 40220 (40220), Seq: 1582399881, Ack: 1525348053, Len: 34
Source port: ftp (21)
Destination port: 40220 (40220)
Sequence number: 1582399881
Next sequence number: 1582399915
Acknowledgement number: 1525348053
Header length: 20 bytes
Flags: 0x0018 (PSH, ACK)
0... .... = Congestion Window Reduced (CWR): Not set
.0.. .... = ECN-Echo: Not set
..0. .... = Urgent: Not set
...1 .... = Acknowledgment: Set
.... 1... = Push: Set
.... .0.. = Reset: Not set
.... ..0. = Syn: Not set
.... ...0 = Fin: Not set
Window size: 16981
Checksum: 0x23dd (correct)
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
425 Cannot open data connection.
Response arg: Cannot open data connection.

Response code: Can't open data connection (425).
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please read message board posting RULES

it's nice that you can use network sniffer, but that huge copy/paste is pretty useless. we need to see timestamped and prefixed status log from flashfxp.
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bytes, data, length, protocol, set

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