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Old 05-04-2003, 06:06 PM   #1
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Default Having Trouble with flash, wondering if someone could help?

Just a couple of questions really;

1) is there a "transfer queue on connect" option anywhere ? because if there is, i certainly can't find it

and perhaps more importantly;

2) here's the main issue... i'm on a dialup connection and i get disconnected every two hours, on the hour. there's nothing i can do about it, so i have to live with it. flash is ok for downloading from ftps, it realises that no data's been received for a while and reconnects, however it does no such thing when i'm uploading... now because it's a dialup, it takes a fair while to upload anything of any size, so unless there's a way to make flashfxp reconnect to the site and resume the upload, it looks like i'm in for an all-nighter. so i'm kinda hoping there's a way around this ? The "Restore broken Transfers and retry broken FTP Transfers.." box is checked, with the retry value as 50, but this doesn't seem to actually work - unless it does something different

Yeah, so, there you have it. any help is much appreciated; i'm just going to go get some coffee

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1. Yes. When you attempt to transfer the queue when you are disconnected (eg, from an earlier session or loaded from a file), it will automatically begin to transfer once you are connected to the site/sites.

2. I'm not sure why FlashFXP failes to reconnect, Only on Uploads, even when an internet connection has been reestablished. I had no such problem when I was on a dialup connection, my ISP dropped me every 8 hours though it would still happen during transfers just the same, and reconnect without a hitch.

- Raccoon
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Thanks for your reply, but i have two issues.

1) it will automatically begin to transfer once you are connected to the site/sites" But it doesn't, if i have a queue sat there and i connect to the site, it just idles. Is there an option anywhere ?

[21:13:51] Transferred: dev-trpt.r13 1.39 MB in 03:13 (7.35 KBps)
[21:13:51] PORT 62,137,126,49,13,67
[21:14:29] Connection lost: Archangel
[21:14:29] Transferred 15 files totaling 20.85 MB in 49:17 (7.35 KBps)
[21:14:29] Transfer Failed!
from my log window. that's all it says, and then that's it, it just sits there? I take it yours doesn't ?

(and getting cut off every eight hours? you lucky lad, my isp doesn't want me to be online for more than 6 hours a day - or so they announced in a press release - arrogant peons... i want your isp:)

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Which version/build of FlashFXP are you using?
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Old 05-05-2003, 07:53 AM   #5
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2.0 (build 905) apparently.. is there a brand new one that's uber leet ? :]
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broken, dialup, retry, transfers, upload

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