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Default Detailed ChangeLog

Build 1502
  1. Fixed rename failure issue where the item being renamed wasn't reverted back to the original name correctly.
  2. Fixed remote edit failure issue where if the upload is denied by the server a delay of up to 1 minute may occur.
  3. Optimized the methods used when running a scheduled task.
  4. Changed the default value for "full row select" from unchecked to checked.
Build 1500
  1. Improved performance when downloading lots of small files (20-25x faster than the previous build and 2-3x faster than 3.6).
  2. Fixed dot-less IP addresses in the IP Address dialog when adding IP:PORT
  3. Fixed DPI scaling issues in the Site manager and Preference dialogs.
  4. Fixed Active Edits window issue when minimizing the main Window on Pre-Vista OS's.
  5. Updated SFTP engine to the latest version.
Build 1499
  1. RC3 Public release.
  2. Changed the update check to download the correct installer for your installation. i.e. The portable version will download the portable installer.
  3. A portable installer has been released for testing.
  4. Minor changes to the non-themed drawing used when visual styles are disabled or for pre Vista OS's.

Build 1497
  1. Fixed, when the following setting "Preferences > Connection > TCP/IP Buffer > Receive" was set to a value other than (default) there was a possibility of FlashFXP getting stuck in in the socket.recv() loop during a FTP download. Resulting in the application window appearing frozen or locked up until the transfer completed. The probability of this bug occurring increased as buffer size increases and/or the the speed (slow writes) of the device where the file was being saved.
  2. Tweaked the repaint behavior of the file listview when scrolling via the mouse wheel.

Build 1496
  1. Translators please make sure your language properties (credits/pin) is set correctly.
  2. Fixed the names of some special folders were being displayed as the parse name using a GUID tag instead of the actual name.
  3. Error messages when submitting a language translation weren't being shown correctly.
  4. Fixed taskbar progress not being cleared after a remote edit upload failure.

Build 1495

  1. Fixed the setup build script, this build includes the latest translation submissions.
  2. Fixed local browser not showing file extensions when Windows is configured to hide them.

Build 1494

  1. Fixed scroll wheel bug when scrolling a window that doesn't have focus.
  2. Fixed auto reconnect + synchronized browsing issue when the connection is lost during a directory change.
  3. Changed the way FlashFXP prevents Microsoft Windows from entering sleep mode during a file transfer.
  4. Fixed local browser treeview which sometimes appeared empty/blank when the default download folder was set to <user>\desktop.
  5. Fixed an issue where a stalled file listing wasn't triggering a timeout, resulting in an infinite wait.
  6. Fixed local browser path dropdown box scrolling the text to the right and cutting off text that would otherwise fit.
  7. Fixed synchronized browsing prompt when navigating the local browser and the folder doesn't exist on the server, the return to previous folder button failed to change the local browser back to the original path.
  8. Added a synchronized browsing prompt to warn the user when attempting to access a folder outside of the synchronized root folder. Our previous implementation of folder synchronization didn't define a root folder.
  9. Fixed non-working View/Edit buttons for the local browser in single connection layout mode.
  10. Fixed the refresh button being disabled on connection lost, preventing a refresh to restore the connection.
  11. Several UI improvements for users with themes disabled or using older versions of windows.
  12. Fixed local browser navigation error when the treeview is active, when trying to browse unmapped network shares. they were unbrowsable.
  13. Fixed a local browser popup error when the location/folder was unavailable or permission denied which halted the queue and required user interaction.
  14. Fixed a local browser issue where certain folder names accessed via a network share were displayed using SHGDN_NORMAL when SHGDN_INFOLDER should of been used.
  15. Fixed a local browser display issue where some file/folder items indicated a size of -1.

Build 1492 & 1491
  1. Several changes to the language translation system, specifically the author pin info are now stored in the flashfxp.ini instead of the actual language files.

Translators: Please re-enter the author/pin info, it has been reset with this change.

Build 1490
  1. Improved method for importing settings from v3.x.
  2. Fixed public key save button in key manager dialog > export key.
  3. Fixed logic error where if a local folder didn't exist the task scheduler didn't report an error.
  4. Fixed logic error where if the server profile was deleted from the site manager the task scheduler didn't report an error.
  5. Fixed condition where a SFTP download might not download the entire file if the file size increased after the file listing but prior to the transfer starting. Such as with a log file that might be continuously updated.
  6. Fixed, The installer wasn't installing language updates for upgrade installs.
  7. Added all remaining strings to translation.
  8. Added the ability to select save format during SFTP RSA/DSA export (PuTTY, OpenSSH SSH-2, ssh.com SSH-2)
  9. Fixed small bug in the Download / Update language dialog, where the language names were mismatched.

Build 1489
  1. Changed the behavior of the local browser to disable auto refresh after a folder compare, changing folders or a manual refresh will reactivate the auto refresh.
  2. Fixed windows 7 jump list, where the list wasn't updating/populating correctly.
  3. Fixed when creating a new language in the translator if the current language was not English it would populate translation with the current language text.
  4. Added a verification check to the backup feature to insure the backup was created successfully.
  5. Changed the per-site option ["disable "force active mode to use this ip" for this site] to [force active mode to use local ip] with 3 states, use global, on, off.
  6. Fixed issue where removing all of the site specific file transfer rules caused them to reappear the next time it was open. This issue is specific to v3.x imported sites.
  7. Fixed issue with using the command line parameter /min
  8. Minor changes to the system tray component to improve compatibility.
  9. Several changes to the translation system, you can now download new languages or updates directly from within FlashFXP under the Language menu.

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