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Default Transferring multiple small files is extremely slow

I swear there used to be a thread about this but I can't find it.

FlashFXP 3.6 hasn't been all that nice for transferring many small files. Compared to doing transfers like this, FileZilla is around 7x faster.

I tested out v4 RC3 and to my dismay it did not improve the issue. Is this not a priority for you? It's been over 2 years since FlashFXP had an update.

I highly prefer FlashFXP over any other FTP client, but maintaining a website calls for uploads of hundreds or thousands of small (1-30KB) files. I can't have it taking such a long time for something like this and as such I cannot use FlashFXP for the task.

Will FlashFXP ever be able to transfer many small files in a fast efficient way?

PS: Hi MxxCon.
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FlashFXP uses a single login to the server when transferring files.

There are many advantages to using a single connection, of course there is one disadvantage when dealing with many small files, the overhead of the FTP protocol reduces the performance because each file transfer requires opening a new data connection to transfer the file.

Using multiple logins allows multiple data connections and 8 logins would increase the speed 8x by allowing 8 transfers to process in parallel. I do believe that FlashFXP would benefit from multiple logins for file transfers and I hope to have it added in future releases of FlashFXP.

A couple years ago this was slated to be included in v4.0, We had a huge plans for v4.0, In fact too many plans. There was so much we wanted to do that we realized there was simply no way for us to include everything in this release.

With a single developer working on FlashFXP time is a huge factor, there's only so much that can be accomplished in a day. In the past year a lot has changed and in addition to developing FlashFXP, I have to manage my time between the business, sales, support, and maintaining the website.

I have a personal life too, my family and kids are very important to me, with my work load its very difficult.

I am doing the work of 2-3 people, I am sorry that progress seems to be moving at a snails pace, I am running around as fast as I can, trying to do the best I can.

P.S. Buy FlashFXP and we can hire more people, then I can delegate these other tasks and focus on developing FlashFXP.
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Is that what other people are talking about in threads like this? It sounds different, yet also sounds similar. I assumed it was different (since it's one file after another, not multiple at once) so that was why I made a separate thread.

Either way, it still really sucks. I guess we have to wait until 4.1 or for this feature, which seems like it'll be early 2011.

Kudos though, I'd collapse doing so many tasks in parallel.
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