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Lightbulb Detailed ChangeLog

Changelog for build 1467
  1. Tweaked the shell browser file change notification updates so that they occurred sooner rather than later.
  2. Fixed issue where transfer rules imported from v3.6 for upload and download were reversed.
  3. Fixed issue where an empty file transfer rule list triggered the v3.6 import transfer rule import, making it impossible to have an empty rule list.
  4. You can now press the "Del" to delete a rule in the file transfer rule list.
  5. Added Alt+P shortcut to save the current (local or remote) path.
  6. Updated Help File.
Changelog for build 1466
  1. Fixed SFTP transfer error when a file is queued and the directory is changed to a cached folder and then the transfer queue is started.
  2. Fixed access violation when right clicking on an item in the custom command dialog when no item is selected.
  3. Added missing text to warn if the SSL certificate common name doesn't match the name of the site you're connected to.
Changelog for build 1465
Due to an error in my project+setup build script this build will fail validation for the update check, build 1466 was released to resolve this issue.
  1. Fixed access violation when right clicking on an item in the per-site skip list dialog when no item is selected.
  2. Added lookup table for folder node management for a nice speed improvement.
Changelog for build 1464
  1. Minor changes to the path validation routine to improve the performance.
  2. Rewrote the code that submits bug reports to our bug-report server. Some bug reports weren't making it through and this should resolve the issue.
Changelog for build 1463
  1. Changed the FTP list settings in the Site Manager, Removed the "show hidden files" check option and replaced it with "List Parameters" drop down, This allows more flexibility and allows per-site custom list parameters. Very handy for ioFTPD servers.
  2. Fixed issue with mouse double click [local file listing] when the action was set to queue or transfer and action was performed the right local browser.
  3. Added warning if FlashFXP is unable to load schedule.dat when opening the task scheduler.
Changelog for build 1462
  1. Fixed small issue with remote editing and upload applying the file transfer rules instead of just overwriting.
  2. Fixed scheduled task "stop at" option not closing FlashFXP if a connection wasn't active (i.e. server down).
  3. Changed the behavior of the EnQueue Delete command, it is no longer possible to EnQueue the "Parent Directory"
Changelog for build 1461
  1. This build addresses a A/V that was introduced in 1460, this A/V occurs often.
  2. Added a new File transfer rule "On transfer error" This rule takes priority if there is an error transferring a file.
Changelog for build 1460
  1. Updated OpenSSL to v1.0.0a.
  2. Increased the buttons used on some dialogs to improve user accessibility issues caused by their size.
  3. Fixed SFTP Upload issue where FlashFXP didn't properly detect a write error, such as the case when the users quota is exceeded or disk full.
  4. Fixed SFTP Upload issue with zFTPServer where files larger than 32MB would fail to complete.
  5. Added auto space trimming to the host/IP address field.
Changelog for build 1459
  1. Fixed issue connecting to SSL/TLS FTP sites over a SOCKS proxy.
Changelog for build 1458
  1. Fixed property change of the "Move to the bottom of queue before retrying" not enabling the "apply" button.
  2. Fixed when the "Move to the bottom of queue before retrying" option was unchecked FlashFXP would retry a transfer an unlimited number of times on failure.
Changelog for build 1457
  1. Packaged for public release, Preview Release #1.
Changelog for build 1456
  1. Fixed silent installation. it wasn't silent.
  2. Removed some debug code that was missed in the last build.
  3. Fixed broken local browser tree navigation on Windows 2000.
  4. Fixed several drawing glitches on Windows 2000 (non-theme drawing).
  5. On first run FlashFXP will prompt for language selection. This prompt will only appear if a language isn't already defined.
  6. Minor changes to the installer.
  7. Fixed time format always using AM / PM when 24 hour format should of been used.
  8. Minor performance tweaks in the upload file routine.
Changelog for build 1455
  1. Fixed bug where the right site idle time would sometimes stop updating.
  2. Fixed Add to site Manager "site dialog" not being properly centered.
  3. Fixed logic bug that prevented SITE UTIME from being used to set the file time on upload.
  4. Made a couple changes to tweak and try to fix the slow scrolling in the file list.
Changelog for build 1454
  1. Added a file exists check to load language routine.
  2. FlashFXP will now set SetThreadExecutionState() to ES_SYSTEM_REQUIRED while the transfer queue is in progress, this will prevent Windows 7 from automatically going into sleep mode.
Changelog for build 1453
  1. Some of you reported slow downs and delays with startup in the past couple builds, I think I finally got everything worked out. Sorry it took so long. Happy 4th of July!
Changelog for build 1452
  1. Minor changes to the installer. The installer now passes "Windows 7 Client Software Logo Toolkit" with flying colors.
  2. Changed the way the data files are opened for reading and writing, My previous solution to prevent data corruption lead to an issue where data files could be written with only the modified information if the data wasn't loaded due to a write lock.
  3. Fixed bug that left the remote path dropdown box disabled if you opened the Server file search and closed it without performing a search.
Changelog for build 1451
  1. Fixed data file corruption issue during save caused by using a stream object that didn't properly support the methods that were being used.
  2. Changed all speed buttons to another type that supports tab stops for user accessibility.
Changelog for build 1449
  1. Optimized the queue saving routine, queue (fqf) files are now saved much faster.
  2. Optimized the local file browser list refresh trigger and garbage collection.
  3. Optimized the remote delete routine, its slightly faster now.
  4. Optimized the upload/download routines, slight improvement in speed.
  5. Changed the way data files are saved to improve the file integrity as much as possible.
  6. Removed a flush file buffer call during file download that caused extremely poor performance on removable and network drives.
Changelog for build 1448
  1. Updated SFTP engine (SecureBlackBox v8.0)
  2. Added work-around for drFTPD AUTH SSL short timeout (http://www.drftpd.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3136), the first connection initializes openssl, I was doing this as part of the AUTH command but only after it was sent, I moved this to occur prior the AUTH command. This appears to solve the issue on my end.
  3. Fixed several cases where the right click menu item states were enabled in cases where they should of been disabled.
  4. Fixed local treeview popup menu where toggling remote/local would result in the wrong popup menu being shown by default (the shell context menu).
Changelog for build 1447
  1. Fixed, when opening the attributes dialog the focus is now set to the input box.
  2. Added new option in Preferences dialog, under General > Options > "Show the active edits window when editing a file". Default is checked.
  3. Fixed scheduled task bug where if the task fails to establish a connection to the server no email is sent and the results of the last run were not recorded.
Changelog for build 1446
  1. Fixed cosmetic issue when starting a local rename and then canceling, which results in the item data being flushed but not refreshed.
  2. Fixed issue where a click in the local browser could be interpreted as a drag/drop, drag/drop to/from the same item is now ignored, this matches the same behavior in windows explorer.
  3. Fixed bug where enqueued delete operations didn't invalidate the cache, this caused uploaded files with the same pathname to be skipped.
  4. Fixed missing lock indicator icon on status bar during secure FTP uploads.
Changelog for build 1445
  1. Fixed bug where the default download path wasn't being set when the treeview was active in the local browser.
  2. Fixed bug with the queue list window not redrawing correctly.
Changelog for build 1444
  1. Fixed issue where a FXP transfer would hang if the PORT mode failed with a 501 error.
  2. Fixed parsing issue with some UNIX style list entries.
  3. Fixed A/V when using the &LIST command in a custom command.
Changelog for build 1443
  1. Minor changes to the Scheduled task > mail server setup dialog.
  2. Fixed sync browse per-site setting not working correctly for SFTP and the behavior of leaving sync browsing off on reconnect if turned off, as it wasn't working right.
  3. Fixed issue with the toolbar backgrounds being stretched to the point of looking awful.
  4. Minor changes to the Preferences / Interface / File Browser section.
  5. Fixed issue where a PORT/PASV failure could lockup FlashFXP due to a logic evaluation bug.
  6. Fixed issue where FlashFXP could delay as long as 15 seconds when performing an abort.
Changelog for build 1442
  1. Fixed issue where several per-site settings (i.e."turn off ssl fingerprint", adjusting speed limit, etc) weren't applied to the site if it were currently connected, requiring a reconnect.
  2. Added support for DOS FTP list format with 4 digit year.
  3. Fixed estimated queue remaining time, it wasn't factoring in the current transfer and the amount of data transferred.
  4. Updated SSL certificate dialog, it now includes a bit more information and actual messages for the status of the SSL certificate.
  5. Added support for reusing the SSL session when establishing a data connection.
  6. Fixed crash on startup when the local browser treeview was visible.
  7. Fixed visual bug in the preferences dialog when drawing the section header gradiant on windows without themes enabled.
  8. Added button to the about box to change the license key.
Changelog for build 1441
  1. Changed per-site sync browsing to keep the current state between disconnect and reconnect, that way if the user turns it off it remains off.
  2. Added new option Preferences > File Browser > "Show Hidden Files, folders, or drives", this applies to the local browser. The default is checked.
  3. Several optimizations to the local browser related to uploading and downloading files.
  4. More tweaking was done on the queue progress estimation.
Changelog for build 1440
  1. Added 'disk space used' info to the logging section in the Preferences dialog.
  2. Fixed Active Edits: Manual upload wasn't working.
  3. Fixed Active Edits: When using a quick connect site and reconnecting back to to the same site it would clear the list, in this case the list shouldn't of been cleared.
  4. Fixed Active Edits: When disconnected from the server and a modification is detected, if the connection was disconnected by the user then the file is switched from automatic to manual upload. If the connection was lost then the connection is auto reconnected and the file is uploaded. The logic to switch from automatic to manual was flawed.
  5. Fixed Active Edits: When disconnected and manual selecting upload FlashFXP should auto reconnect and upload the edit file. This wasn't working correctly.
  6. Changed: After manually closing the Active Edits dialog it will no longer automatically re-open during the current ftp session. Previously it would re-open with each new edit.
  7. Minor changes and corrections made to the help file.
  8. Fixed keep-alives weren't being sent on SFTP servers.
Changelog for build 1439
  1. When SFTP over SSH is selected in the Site Manager or Quick Connect dialog the anonymous checkbox is now disabled, anonymous isn't used by SFTP.
  2. Fixed - When closing the language dialog, when the language is modified the user is prompted to save the changes, when Yes is selected the language wasn't saved.
  3. Added error message when "new file" in the local browser fails.
  4. Improved performance of loading queue files into the transfer queue.
  5. Fixed non-working button shortcut keys on the selective transfer dialog.
  6. More tweaking to the queue progress % logic thats displayed on the windows 7 superbar / hint window.
  7. New help file.
Changelog for build 1438
  1. When navigating between cached folders the stored path which is passed to the skip list is from the last folder that was retrieved from the server and not the folder that was cached.
  2. The skip list isn't applied when queuing or transferring using tree navigation via the right click menu or drag/drop.
  3. Changed the way the skiplist "any" is used by evaluating the path+name, path, and name. This will give more flexibility.
  4. Minor changes to the UI here and there.
Changelog for build 1437
  1. Removed a couple debug messages that were accidentally left in the prior build.
  2. Revised the code added in 1436 to prevent the socket from prematurely closing on uploads.
Changelog for build 1436
  1. Fixed issue that caused the local tree folder browser to become slow over time.
    Fixed a performance issue with the local tree folder when navigating folders that contain several zip files or large zip archives, this was due to the windows internal shell handling of zip folders.
  2. Fixed flicker in the local tree folder browser.
  3. Fixed small calculation mistake when calculating the queue remaining time.
  4. Fixed Selective Transfer > Add pattern, the pattern wasn't being added to the internal list, thus not saving changes.
  5. Fixed Selective Transfer > Save and Activate, the selected rule wasn't activated or reloaded if modified.
  6. Redesigned the layout of the Filters dialog.
  7. Changed the way a socket is closed for ftp upload, in an attempt to prevent prematurely closing the socket.
  8. Added Windows 7 Taskbar progress when performing a Server File Search and Calculate Disk space used operation.

Changelog for build 1435
  1. Fixed a new infinite loop in wild-card pattern matching that was caused by my previous fix in 1434.
Changelog for build 1434
  1. Fixed infinite loop in wild-card pattern matching routine.
  2. Completely re-designed the file attribute (chmod) dialog.
  3. Fixed A/V when performing a sub-search in the ftp search dialog during an operation such as a delete/chmod.
  4. The ftp file search progress is now shown on the windows 7 taskbar.
  5. The calculate server disk space progress is now shown on the windows 7 taskbar.
  6. Fixed A/V when performing a delete operation on a folder in the ftp search dialog.
  7. Fixed a bug in task scheduler where using custom transfer rules.
  8. Fixed a bug in task scheduler when using "only send email notification on error", the email was also sent on success.
  9. Fixed a bug in task scheduler that occurs after a invalid windows user password message.
  10. Fixed a bug where the queue progress would sometimes disappear from the windows 7 taskbar.
  11. Fixed editing scheduled tasks on pre vista OS's
  12. Fixed editing monthly schedule week of property (first, second, third, last) wasn't being set properly.
  13. Fixed bug in site manager > stats tab > reset total, where the total wasn't being reset.
  14. I've made some performance improvements with the way the gradient panels are drawn in the main window.
Changelog for build 1433
  1. Fixed - When using the "New File" feature on a remote file it didn't create a unique path for the temporary file so creating multiple files on the remote host with the same name modified the same local temporary file.
  2. Fixed issue where the file/folder stats on the extended tooltip were reversed.
  3. On the main menu under the compare folder content sub menu the "compare date" option was missing.
  4. The state of the "compare date" option wasn't being saved / restored.
  5. Fixed bug in the new task scheduler where the queue type wasn't being set when editing a pre-existing task.
  6. Fixed translations in the basic scheduler where the wrong translation strings were used for the "on transfer complete" dropdown list.
  7. Fixed bug where the basic scheduler wouldn't work, after setting it and then re-opening the dialog and then closing it again.
Changelog for build 1432
  1. Updated OpenSSL to v1.0.0
  2. Working with translations no longer changes the active language being used by FlashFXP to English.
  3. Made the file mask list in the file associations > new/edit dialog wider to accommodate translations.
  4. Fixed bug in the edit queue dialog where changing the site entry failed to change if current and new site names were identical. i.e. such as a site in the quick connect but then added to the site manager with an identical name.

Changelog for build 1431
  1. Fixed buttons on the filter dialog not enabling/disabling correctly.
  2. Fixed %ttleft variable not being set for the taskbar caption when viewing or editing a file.
  3. Updated File associations dialog and Proxy section in the Preferences to the new UI style.
  4. Added Missing shortcut (ctrl+P) to "Pause queue after current transer" button hint.
  5. Fixed right click drag from local browser, after the operation the default menu appeared, it shouldn't have been shown.
  6. Restructured language file format, language files created by prior builds will be upgraded to the new format when saved by the user. The default language files provided are updated.
Changelog for build 1430
  1. Upgraded OpenSSL to 0.9.8n (http://www.openssl.org/news/secadv_20100324.txt)
Changelog for build 1428
  1. Fixed A/V when displaying synchronized browsing folder not found error message box.
  2. Fixed proxy support.
  3. Added additional debug info compiled into the exe to resolve some bug reports that have been reported.
    Remember when submitting crash report it is extremely important to describe what you were doing when the crash occurred. Thank you!
Changelog for build 1427
  1. Quick fix for DRFTP servers using OpenSSL. I accidentally compiled 1426 without a fix that is needed for DRFTP servers.
Changelog for build 1426
  1. I made some more changes to LiveUpdate to fix the A/V that some have experienced. Hopefully its fixed now. I can't reproduce the problem so its been very difficult to determine the exact cause of this crash.
  2. I added a debug message to display in the session log window if LiveUpdate fails an auto check.
  3. FlashFXP has contained experimental IPv6 support for awhile. After doing some tests on my lan I quickly realized that even connecting to the server wasn't possible, I've made some changes and resolved this issue and added support for EPSV and EPRT. My test setup consists of running FlashFXP on Windows 7 connecting to Xlight FTP Server running on Windows 2008 R2 Server and this seems to work rather well. If you can test IPv6 please test it and let me know how well it works for you.
  4. Added some resizing code to the restore queue dialog to adjust elements of the UI based on the translation text width.
  5. Changed the way rules are displayed in the File Transfer Rules dialog. Please let me know if you think this is easier to read.
Changelog for build 1425
  1. Added sleep to the on transfer complete dropdown in the basic schedule dialog.
  2. Fixed a couple typos in the application text.
  3. Fixed bug in the translation dialog where the properties menu item was enabled in cases where it should of been disabled.
  4. Fixed bug where the 'Display restore queue dialog on startup' option would revert to checked after opening and closing the restore queue dialog.
  5. Fixed a issue where the application fonts couldn't be changed.
  6. Fixed a issue where the submit bug report result dialog was being shown behind the bug report dialog.
  7. Changed the way the result of the SIZE command is used, if the result contains the word ASCII (i.e. 550 SIZE not allowed in ASCII mode) then we fall back to using the file listing info to determine if the file exists and its size.
  8. Fixed - Two buttons on the create certificate dialog were missing their images and some of the text was misaligned.
  9. Fixed - FTP File Search dialog > advanced tab > Type field was using the wrong text string "&all" instead of "all"
  10. Fixed - Sites > Import Sites > Select Group, the select group dialog wasn't centered and appeared in the wrong place on the screen.
  11. Made some changes to live update to try and resolve the A/V that some have experienced.
Changelog for build 1424
  1. Fixed A/V in Queue Expand Folder.
  2. Updated several translation strings that needed to be changed. These strings will need to be re-translated, sorry translators.
  3. Fixed A/V when performing an update of the items in the shell tree browser window.
  4. Added support for &window <title> and the use of \n in prompts for splitting multiple lines (i.e. %d[line 1\nLine 2]) in custom commands.
  5. Fixed text formatting when showing the result of a &list in a &window, the result wasn't formatted and shown on a single line and out of order.
  6. Updated OpenSSL library to v0.9.8m.
  7. Fixed liveupdate bug that resulted in the liveupdate dialog auto closing after checking for an update.
  8. Optimized the way site profile settings are loaded from the sites.dat.
Changelog for build 1423
  1. Added column sorting to the language translation dialog.
  2. Fixed A/V when trying to paste text into the translation edit box.
  3. Adjusted some buttons to fit translation text better.
  4. Adjusted the text on the CHMOD dialog to fit longer translations.
  5. Added several text entries to translation list.
  6. Updated the the Selective Transfer Edit dialog to match the new v4.0 style.
Changelog for build 1422
  1. Fixed bug in local browser highlighting that would in some cases prevent the highlighting from being applied.
  2. Fixed bug on the progress bar that resulted in a 1-2px line being drawn without theming applied when "blend with theme" was active.
  3. Fixed bug in the code that updates the superbar (win7) progress bar, the totals weren't cleared on queue completion skewing the percentage for each subsequent queue.
Changelog for build 1421
  1. Fixed ANSI colors were reversed because the bright color flag was initialized to true instead of false.
  2. Fixed changing the global the preserve date settings weren't updated until opening the preferences and making a change and saving or restarting FlashFXP.
  3. Rewrote the method used to build the treeview items to resolve an issue where multiple nodes were added if the node existed with a different text case. The old method was not case sensitive.
Changelog for build 1420
  1. Fixed incorrect icons being displayed on some OS's in alt-tab, taskbar and tray area. The 16x16 was being used where the OS should of used 32x32 and on Win9x/Win2000 in the tray area 16 color icons weren't being used.
  2. Fixed some spelling mistakes.
Changelog for build 1419
  1. Fixed incorrect size/speed in transfer stats when resuming a file.
  2. Fixed incorrect transfer status message when aborting and resuming an upload.
  3. Fixed the file transfer ask prompt contained some errors which resulted in an incorrect behavior for upload transfers.
  4. Fixed upload issue where the size of a file shown in the queue window was set to the size of the file on the server.
  5. Fixed issue where the file exist rules properties dialog would could get hidden behind the file exist rules dialog, if you closed the file exist rules dialog first and then try adding the a rule it would result in a crash.
  6. Double clicking on the status bar will now open a detached and movable version of the tray hint window.
  7. Fixed interface issue where the graph window was hidden when positioned under the status window if the status window was hidden.
  8. Updated a couple strings of text, some spelling errors and rewording to allow for a better translation of the text.
  9. Changed taskbar caption variable list in preferences to allow for translation.
  10. Fixed taskbar progress indicator when viewing/editing or uploading a file via remote edit.
  11. Fixed issue where the language defaulted back to English after closing the translation editor.
  12. Added connection history to the windows 7 superbar right click menu.
  13. Some tweaking to the program icon and tray icons. Vista and up will now use the correct high color icons instead of the low color icons.
Changelog for build 1418
  1. The upload speed issue that some of you noticed was caused by the new QoS code that was added in 1415, This has been moved to an option and is disabled by default.
Changelog for build 1417
  1. Fixed SFTP download issue that occurred when compression was enabled.
  2. Rewrote translation back-end to eliminate the overhead (memory/cpu) of the component I was previously using.
  3. Added several missing strings to the translation list.
  4. Adjusted some controls and text to fit translations better.
  5. The active edit list window will no longer take focus when visible and opening a new file for edit.
  6. I had a report from a user who let me know that the date format wasn't using the desired format set for his user account so I made some changes with the way I obtain the date format.
Changelog for build 1416
  1. Due to a bug during memory reallocations sometimes a block of memory was modified after being freed. This resulted in a memory overwrite causing FlashFXP to leak memory and corrupt the internal memory structures of FlashFXP.

    All previous beta builds contain this flaw and should be discontinued.
  2. The openssl dlls have been recompiled, they no longer require the MSVCR71.DLL
  3. Updated the superbar progressbar to display the progress of the queue instead of just the current transfer. This provides much more usability over the old logic.
  4. Fixed a couple small bugs in the translation editor.
  5. You can press F5 in the translation editor to refresh the list, so if you have it set to show only untranslated strings, once you translate a string or a few you can press F5 to update the view hiding the new translated strings.
  6. The file transfer time remaining wasn't updating properly, this has been fixed.

    This build contains a known issue:

    In the previous build the SFTP component was updated to the latest version and now SFTP connections with zlib compression enabled are experiencing some issues with transferring files. I am working with the developer to pin point the problem.

Changelog for build 1415
  1. Rewrote the translation system loader, this new design is faster, more efficient and uses less memory.
  2. Updated SecureBlackBox SFTP component to latest version.
  3. The installer contains an updated Czech translation by Gtein.
  4. Fixed a bug where the 1024 KB packet size wasn't being set properly.
  5. Added IP ToS to the sockets for QoS.
Changelog for build 1414
  1. Updated OpenSSL to v0.9.8l.
  2. Loading/Saving translation strings should now work 100%. <fingers crossed>
Changelog for build 1413
  1. Fixed the installer, it was installing the language used in the installer into the wrong folder. All other languages were installed in the correct folder.
  2. Fixed and rewrote the language translation loader. This addresses some bugs where certain string translations weren't being loaded. The new routine take a different approach that eliminates a lot of unnecessary overhead and speeds up the loading.
  3. Fixed an issue introduced into 1412 where the %site variable in the taskbar caption was blank during file downloads.
  4. If TmpVEPath is defined in the flashfxp.ini this path is now displayed in about > details.
Changelog for build 1412
  1. Rewrote the way language translations are loaded/saved so that translations with identical phrases are preserved.
  2. Added a work around for v3 to v4 key updates to handle a situation where some older license keys were incorrectly hashed.
  3. Added Clear History function to the Site drop down History list.
  4. Fixed a couple bugs that were identified from user submitted crash reports.
Changelog for build 1411
  1. Fixed Win7 homegroup right-click shell menu items returning an error in shell browser tree.
  2. The active edits window now remembers its size and position.
  3. Tweaked the local shell browser for a bit more speed.
Changelog for build 1410
  1. Second fix attempt loading language translations, A mistake broke it and in a rush to get 1409 I missed it.
Changelog for build 1409
  1. My mistake I forgot to increase the build number in the installer which detected 1408 as 1407. I really need a way to automate packaging up the release, too many steps and easy to miss one.
  2. Fixed a bug in the v4.x key update routine that neglected to strip extra spaces off the registration name causing it to fail the validation check with an error code 1.
  3. Fixed a bug with translations entries containing a equals sign = from being parsed correctly.
  4. Included updated Czech translation by Gtein
Changelog for build 1408
  1. Fixed issue with loading translations, the string resource index sometimes changes between builds so a new loading method was needed to handle this situation.
  2. Optimized translation routines, this results in smaller translation files.
  3. Fixed bug with queue synchronization w/ delete that was triggered if you changed local folders manually during a folder queuing for upload, resulting in a file or multiple files being deleted from the target when they shouldn't have been deleted.
  4. Fixed a non-serious bug that was reported via the crash dialog. Please keep sending these reports. There's no bug too small. Thank you.
Changelog for build 1407
  1. Somehow in all my tinkering with the group headers I reduced the color depth from the original, The image has been restored.
  2. Fixed a bug where some line of text in the translation dialog weren't being saved.
  3. Changing languages didn't work, this has been resolved.
  4. Updated language translation component to the latest version.
  5. The naming of language files has changed, bundled languages end with an extension of .dlf and user created/edited are .ulf, If you're currently doing a translation you'll need to rename the file from .sil to .ulf.
Changelog for build 1406
  1. Fixed drawing bug in the schedule task properties on the log options.
  2. Fixed issue where the file overwrite prompt was being shown on file that no longer existed.
  3. Fixed drawing bug where the group headers in the site manager werent drawn properly with themes disabled (same bug i fixed in the preferences,i missed the site manager fix in the last build.)
  4. Fixed issue where the translation editor was displaying the English text in the translation column. Untranslated entries should of been empty.
Changelog for build 1405

The installer incorrectly listed build 1403 as 1403 internally so it was necessary to skip build 1404.
  1. I forgot to include the dev language translations for v4.x in the previous release, it included the 3.x language files which are not compatible.
  2. I forgot to change the location of where the language files are installed, this prevents FlashFXP from seeing them.
  3. I had a bug in FlashFXP that was reading the language files from the wrong location which prevented the languages from loading property.
  4. The group headers in the preferences weren't being drawn properly.
Changelog for build 1403
  1. When remote editing files the remote file browser no longer changes to the directory of the file being uploaded. This is necessary to prevent breaking synchronized browsing, also I don't know how many times it messed me up editing index.php in multiple folders and getting them mixed up. lol.
  2. Many thanks to X3 for finding about a dozen bugs in the task scheduler. I fixed so many bugs it may as well of been completely broken up until now.
  3. Updated MadExcept component, this component handles bug reports.
  4. Updated translation text, removing old invalid entries.
  5. Removed smooth scroll option from the preferences, this behavior is now default and can't be turned off. turning it off made things very ugly.
  6. Fixed some compatibility issues with Windows 98. Does anyone still use Windows 98?
  7. Fixed some graphical display bugs when using Windows prior to XP or Windows Classic theme.
  8. Fixed TCP/IP Buffer size bug, the new sizes that were added 640 and 768 didn't actually work. I also added 1024 KB to the list.
  9. Updated graphics in the preference dialog.
  10. Several performance tweaks and improvements.
Changelog for build 1402
  1. Another attempt at fixing the drftpd openssl bug..
  2. Just for fun I added a 1024 KB entry to the TCP/IP buffer size, previously 768 KB was the largest value.
Changelog for build 1401
  1. Moved call to SSL_RAND_SCREEN from startup to resolve the 1-2 second delay that was introduced in 1400.
  2. Several tweaks to improve overall performance.
  3. Fixed a couple buttons that weren't displaying the images correctly (i.e IP Address dialog)
Changelog for build 1400
  1. Ctrl+P now toggles pause/start transfer queue.
  2. Fixed openSSL validation of trusted x509 certificates using Trusted CA's via WinCrypto.
  3. Added configurable default viewer and editor in the preferences to replace the internal editor, since it lacks utf8 support.
Changelog for build 1398
  1. Fixed missing bitmap image resource resulting in crash when opening active edit window.
  2. Fixed clicking headers in preference triggering setting change and enabling "Apply"
  3. Changed the text background on the v3.x to v4.0 key upgrade dialog, so that it should now be transparent.
Changelog for build 1397
  1. Updated button images and redesigned a couple interface dialogs.
  2. Fixed issue with local browser shell overlay icons being enabled even when unchecked.
Changelog for build 1396
  1. Fixed SFTP file transfer corruption bug.
Changelog for build 1395
  1. Re-Fixed the error handling for handling inserting and removing drives. The new solution should work better.
  2. Fixed toolbar bitmaps compatibility issue with 16bit color depth and lower.
  3. Fixed focus issue where the treeview text and background color were white.
  4. More updates to the translation system.
  5. Updated translation system components to the latest version.
  6. Fixed odd bug where my urlencode & urldecode functions were reversed that caused some problems on some servers.
Changelog for build 1394
  1. Fixed A/V when inserting and removing removable drives.
  2. Fixed shell tree view expanding the user desktop before selecting the default download folder.
  3. Turned off auto hot keys on the command menu.
Changelog for build 1393
  1. Fixed folder info display where the folder and file count became reversed in 1392.
  2. Updated SFTP engine to the latest version.
Changelog for build 1392
  1. Fixed marked list toggle for tree views not showing bold (local & remote)
  2. Fixed marked list toggle not working for local tree view.
  3. Fixed edit queue item browse for folder button mess up and added browse for folder dialog for remote paths.
  4. Added Crtl-N hot key for toggling the tree navigation pane.
  5. Fixed several instances where pattern matching was case-sensitive.
  6. Fixed the menu hot keys on the site menu, bookmarks, languages.
  7. Fixed issue with default sort order not properly being saved when sort by "File Extension" was selected.
Changelog for build 1391
  1. Fixed a bug that resulted in some folder icons in the treeview to come up missing
  2. Fixed a drawing bug that caused in some flickering on the toolbar.
  3. Fixed an issue where SIZE was sent twice during a site to site transfer.
  4. Fixed an issue where trying to run a disabled task via the task scheduler resulted in a application crash dialog instead of just displaying the error message.
  5. Changed the behavior of the treeview / listview splitter so that the position is remembered when toggled visible/hidden.
  6. Fixed corruption issue that prevented FlashFXP from accepting a license key.
  7. Fixed upgrade to v4 key problems.
  8. Fixed some issues with the task scheduler on XP and below.
  9. Fixed some issues with "copy task" in the task scheduler, where some settings weren't copied to the new task.
  10. Changed the behavior of synchronized browsing, when you navigate to a folder that doesn't exist on the other side you're now prompted to 1. create the folder, 2. return to the previous folder, 3. turn off synchronized browsing.
  11. Previous builds were not compiled with full debug information so crash reports were incomplete, This build is slightly bigger because it includes all the debug information.

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