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Default Password changed/borked

I have a password set on my fxp. It seems to have changed and now I am not able to access my flashfxp program. I thought about uninstalling, but I have a LOT of sites for web hosting management stored in it.

I don't know what happened. I KNOW the password, as I use the program daily, now it won't work. I have even tried the old passwords I had in it multiple times. I know I may get flamed "you forgot your password" etc. Think what you want.

I have the latest version, I just installed the update today after this incident hoping to fix this...bug/problem. I can only think of a few ways this could have happened.

1. Someone has access to my computer, installed a keylogger, changed my password. This is not likely. I have Norton Internet Security, I am also behind 4 different routers and 2 firewalls, both hardware and software firewalls.

2. Someone fed me a daterape drug and I do not remember changing it. (Not likely) I have better things to do in those situations.

3. It was corrupted. I am guessing this is what happened. I don't know how/what caused it. But its not accepting the password I have used daily for the last month.

So the question I am asking. How do I get by it/figure out what it "thinks" the password should be?

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Try installing the previous version of flashfxp that you used before updating to a different location, then import the sites. If this works you can then turn off security in both versions (or at least uninstall and reinstall knowing that you have your sites or something) and import the unencrypted sites back to the updated version.

If your dat files are corrupted im not sure there is anything you can do, i have had a corrupted sites.dat before caused by a pc crash. It is recommended to keep backups.

As for trying to figure out the password. If my understanding is correct, flashfxp does not match the password you enter against anything. It is infact a key used to decrypt the encrypted dat files. If the key does not fit the lock it will not open, but will not provide any information as to what key will unlock it. (other than being able to eliminate that particular key). A process of elimination is about your only chance of 'cracking' it if the password was changed without your knowledge.
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This is a very tricky issue. The data files were designed in a way to prevent corruption, although even though the most care is taken, sometimes it's bound to happen. This is the first case of corruption that I am aware of so we don't really have anything in place as far as solutions go. If the sites.dat is the file that is specfically corrupted then there is little hope.

I will send you a private message with an option that might help.
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Exclamation Re: Password changed/borked

FWIW, this very same type of thing just happened to me.

I had just restored from a backup (because I had messed up some site settings), and restarted FXP as was recommended. Suddenly I couldn't log back in with the same password I've been using since I bought the software about a month ago, the same password I'd used less than one hour before.

I was forced to uninstall the program (but saved my backup), reinstalled the program, got in without a password and restored the backup. It asked for my password, which I gave (the one I'd been using all along), and it restored from my backup. I immediately cleared the password, and will be using the software without the password in the future.

Lucky I had a recent backup!!!
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AdventureCinema, w/o providing any useful info, nobody here can help you...
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