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Default FlashFXP v4.0 beta released to registered users

We invite all registered users to try v4.0 beta.

If you'd like to be a beta tester please contact us via the contact form.

This release is for private beta testers only, if anyone is caught or suspected of disturbing this release you will lose your beta privileges. There are no exceptions.

Installation instructions.
  1. Run FlashFXP4_Beta.exe and install it into a NEW folder of your choice. Do not install it over v3.x, you've been warned.
  2. Start FlashFXP, On start up FlashFXP will prompt you to import your v3.x settings, if you select yes your settings will be copied over. If you select no you will not be prompted again.
  3. Enter your v3 license key, FlashFXP will accept it and restart, on restart it will inform you that a new license key is required and ask to connect to our website to retrieve the new key. If FlashFXP is unable to connect to our website you will not be able to retrieve a new license key and you will not be able to take part in this part of the beta, sorry.

This release of FlashFXP is a portable release, meaning that does not read registry keys to determine where your data files are stored, the data files are stored in the application folder.

Here's a breakdown of some of the changes.
  1. The skip list has been completely redone, Each skip list rule has a scope of where it can be applied. name of file, name of folder, path of file, path of folder, and any. You can also configure per site skip lists.

    When you import your v3 data files your skiplist is converted to the new format and if you had the "skip list applies to directories" option in v3 checked then all existing skiplist entries are set with a scope of any. That means it will match name of file, name of folder, path of file, path of folder. You can multi-select and right click to change multiple rules at once. Rules containing a open bracket [ will be escaped as \[ see below for an explanation.

    Please make sure your rules are set properly.

    The pattern matching system has changed in v4, We now use a subset of the regular expression rules for pattern matching.

    Matches a subset of regular expressions (* ? and [])
    * Matches zero or more of any character
    ? Matches exactly one character
    [<char set>] Matches character from <char set>
    [^<char set>] Matches character not in <char set>
    where <char set> can include multiple ranges and escaped characters
    \\ matches a slash \, \[ matches a open bracket [, etc.

    Only characters within <char set> need to be escaped, with the
    exception of the [ character, If you need to match a [ then it
    must always be escaped.

    [a-z0-9_]bc?*c', 'abcabc' = True
  2. The new task scheduler.
    The task scheduler uses Windows scheduling service to run the tasks, there's email notification and lots of different options that is sure to suite everyones needs. You can assign individual selective transfer rulesets to each task.

    I've decided to keep the old schedule available for people who want to do one time scheduling and this is now moved to the right click queue menu.
  3. Windows 7 users will see the file progress on the task bar button.
  4. Improved and optimized local shell file browser.
  5. Improved and optimized file transfers.
  6. Improved and optimized tcp/ip buffer sizes, You can now select larger sizes as well as an auto mode, the auto mode may provide better results than default but not necessary better than a larger fixed size. It depends on the network conditions. You can also configure tcp/ip buffers per-site. In my tests a larger buffer size works best with LAN based servers. This build displays a debug message on connect indicating whether or not auto buffer shaping is activated.
  7. FTP File Search now allows you to do a sub search on the results. When the sub-search is activated the background color changes to a light blue.

    New right click option, Open <folder/file> location, which changes to the folder in the remote browser.
  8. New right click options for the remote file browser.
    Copy to clipboard
    HTTP (You define the http://host.com and base folder in the site manager)
    URL (this now uses sftp://, ftpes://, ftps:// depending on the site protocol)
    Path + Name
    New File (Now you can create a file locally and when you save the changes it will upload it to the server.)
  9. Improved and optimized performance and display of the ftp session window. In addition if the FlashFXP application window is activated you'll see the lines scroll and appear more fluid like, if the window is inactive then the updates are grouped together.
  10. Queue changes.
    You can now change the type of transfer to/from upload, download, fxp.
    You can assign a selective transfer rule set to each individual item in the
    queue. i.e. transfer only log files in one folder and only php files in another.
    Synchronize with delete allows you to delete any files from the target
    that do not exist on the source.
  11. Logging system, You can now have multiple log files per session instead of a single merged log like in v3.x. In addition you can configure the type of information that is logged.
    Session Log
    File Transfers (Upload, Download, Site to Site)
    As well as the transfer results (Successful, Failed, or skipped)
    File Transfer Summary

    For example you can configure FlashFXP to only log uploads that
    are successful.
  12. We've included 43 different background themes to use on the tool bar, or you can use your own. If you for debug purposes we've numbered them, if you have an issue with one of them please let me know, if you design one you'd like us to include as default please send it to me.
  13. LiveUpdate settings have been moved into the Preferences.
  14. You can now define the default character encoding in the Preferences. Previously this setting was only per-site.
  15. You can now customize the file listing font and background colors.
  16. New File Transfer Rule system.
    If you add a rule that wont be evaluated because a preceding rule takes precedence then the rule will appear in red and striked out.
  17. Fixed some bugs with ANSI color support in the session console window.
  18. New Remote editing feature that automatically detects when the file has been changed and uploads the file. You can disable this per file type under File Associations for files that you need to manually upload.
  19. Upgraded to the latest version of FastMM memory manager.
  20. FlashFXP now uses FastMove which improves memory operations.
  21. Updated SFTP engine to the latest version, this improves compatiblity with certain SFTP servers.
  22. Updated MadExcept to the latest version, MadExcept is used for exception handling, the new version should improve crash reports and make life a little easier
Whats broken or buggy, etc

The language translation dialog is incomplete and work in progress. I will get it finished over the next couple weeks.

Once completed users will be able to edit translations directly from within FlashFXP and submit their changes to our server. Everyone who submits a line of text that is used in the final translation will receive credit. Translation credits will be displayed on a new special tab in the about box.

Enjoy the beta release and please submit any bugs or issues you encounter in this thread.

Thank You,
Charles DeWeese
OpenSight Software, LLC

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