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Default FlashFXP v3.4 Beta 6 - PUBLIC BETA Released!

We are pleased to announce the second public beta of FlashFXP v3.4. This release is primarily a bug fix release, but includes two significant features...Client SSL Certificates and BIND support for SOCKS proxies. See the changelog below for full details.

FlashFXP v3.4 is now feature complete. The remaining time before gold release will be used for bug fixes only. Because of this we are having a
FINAL BUG HUNT!! As we approach the final release of FlashFXP v3.4, we are asking beta testers to make a best effort to find and report any remaining bugs. Any user who reports a verifiable bug will receive a single user license of FlashFXP, either for you or a friend! Thank you for your help.

The highlight of the 3.4 release is multi-language support. We have created a page to help new users download/install and even translate FlashFXP, which can be found at https://oss.azurewebsites.net/languages. An updated help file has also been included. Please let us know if we missed anything.

As you can see, v3.4 has some fairly significant updates, and we invite all of our users to install/test this version. Please provide as much feedback as possible via this forum.

FlashFXP v3.4 Beta 6 is available to all users, and can be downloaded from http://www.inicom.net/?d=50.

Updates since FlashFXP v3.2.0.1080

New Features

  • The graph font can now be changed separately from the application font.
  • Global "Bind Socket to IP" setting.
  • Per-Site "Bind Socket to IP" setting.
  • Multi-language support. See https://oss.azurewebsites.net/languages for more information.
  • Added new status msg "Listening on PORT: X, Waiting for connection." to help troubleshoot PORT mode connections.
  • If Passive mode fails two times in a row, FlashFXP will switch to PORT mode or vice versa.
  • If the connection is lost to the ftp site you can continue to browse cached folders and queue files. If a task is performed that requires a connection, FlashFXP will reconnect back to the ftp site and then perform that task.
  • You can now browse cached folders and queue files while a transfer is in progress.
  • Added Replace feature to internal Text Editor.
  • Secure certificate details are now stored for later reviewing, they can be viewed via the Site Manager / SSL Tab.
  • When the speed limit is activated you will see a status indicator icon in the statusbar next to the transfer filename.
  • Added new option in Preferences / Display / Options "Accurate file system shell icons", when unchecked FlashFXP will use the default icon for each file type. Using default icons rather than accurate icons improves performance.
  • Per-Site speed limit settings.
  • Global option to disable speed limiting for LAN transfers.
  • New command line options for download/upload/fxp (see updated help file)
  • Added support for Clear Command Channel (CCC)
  • Added support for SOCKS4/SOCKS5 BIND method, which means you can use SOCKS4/SOCKS5 with active mode (PORT).
  • Added support for SSL Client Certificates.
  • Synchronized Browsing. When browsing remotely the local sync now occurs after the change dir, rather than after the list complete.
  • Rename will now cancel out if the folder/file name only contains spaces.
  • The active selection in the Preferences is now saved and remembered when you re-enter the Preferences dialog.
  • OpenSSL DLL's updated to 0.9.8a (Compiled with VS2005 for speed).
  • Default application font switched to "Microsoft Sans Serif" since it supports ClearType, unlike "MS Sans Serif" which doesn't.
  • Holding the shift key while pressing the refresh button will now refresh from cache, Similar to shift-F5.
  • When you rename a file/folder in the file listing the selected file/folder is remembered after the listing is refreshed.
  • Opening the Site Manager while connected will now jump to the currently connected site profile.
  • Changing focus to the dropdown box using the mouse now selects all of the text within.
  • When selecting files in the local browsing the selection size isn't updated probably due to a syntax error.
  • If FlashFXP was locked with a password and on transfer complete triggers it was unable to close properly.
  • If the connection is lost during a delete operation and the user clicks yes to the reconnect prompt, after connecting FlashFXP sometimes ended up in the wrong folder.
  • Once the connection retry count was reached the 'Go' and 'stop after current transfer' buttons states weren't updated properly.
  • If you connect to a site and while that connection is still being attempted click 'go' the connection attempt isn't properly reset prior to connecting to the site in the queue.
  • Bookmark selection was disabled when working with the site in offline mode.
  • There was a logic bug in the "FTP sort by (default)" option located in the Preference dialog. If you select sort by "file extension" the option saves but when you re-open the Preference dialog the option becomes undefined and errors when you click OK.
  • Fixed bug with SOCKS5 that resulted in a delayed failure when the connection is rejected by the SOCKS5 proxy.
  • When expanding folders if the user pressed disconnect or the connection was lost at a specific moment, the folder was removed from the queue without being expanded.
  • The -go command line param didn't work as was intended.
  • Fixed corrupted data in CWD <path> when selecting a path from the dropdown box via the keyboard.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted FlashFXP transferring a file followed by trying to transfer it again, this was caused by a loss of connection and followed by reconnect and due to a flag not being properly reset.
  • Other minor fixes.
Please report bugs on our support forum http://forum.inicom.net.
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