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Default Installer translation

Could we also translate the string of installer?
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What is meant by string of installer
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The string of FlashFXP installer (Maybe not up to date)

<language id="ENU" installname="English (United States)" lngid="ENU">
<param name="AppRunning" value="Setup has detected that FlashFXP is currently running.[\n\n]Please close all instances of it now, then click OK to[\n]continue, or Cancel to exit"/>
<param name="Strings.1" value="%AppName% is not completely installed on your computer.[\n]Do you want to abort setup?"/>
<param name="Strings.2" value="Reading install information files..."/>
<param name="Strings.3" value="Calculation of necessary amount of disk space..."/>
<param name="Strings.4" value="Insufficient free disk space."/>
<param name="Strings.5" value="Updating registry..."/>
<param name="Strings.6" value="Updating ini-files..."/>
<param name="Strings.7" value="Creating shortcuts..."/>
<param name="Strings.8" value="Registering COM servers..."/>
<param name="Strings.9" value="Registering fonts..."/>
<param name="Strings.10" value="You need administrative rights on this computer to install this application."/>
<param name="Strings.11" value='Cannot install file "%s".'/>
<param name="Strings.13" value="This operating system is not supported."/>
<param name="Strings.14" value="Your operating system version is too old.[\n]Version %%s or newer is needed for %AppName%."/>
<param name="Strings.15" value="Installing %AppName% is not possible when it is running. Close the application and start the setup program again."/>
<param name="Strings.16" value="Removing references to the previous version..."/>
<param name="Strings.17" value="Removing unneeded files..."/>
<param name="Strings.18" value="Performing application rollback..."/>
<param name="Strings.19" value="Please insert a first setup disk or map network drive with file %s"/>
<param name="Strings.20" value='Cannot register shared file "%s".'/>
<param name="Strings.21" value="Another instance of %s setup is running."/>
<param name="Strings.22" value='File "%s" was not found on your computer. Setup is unable to proceed.[\n]If this problem persists contact the software vendor.'/>
<param name="Strings.23" value="Skipping file..."/>
<param name="Strings.24" value="Copying file..."/>
<param name="Uninstall.Strings.2" value="Installation package not found in selected folder."/>
<param name="Uninstall.Strings.3" value="You need administrative rights on this computer to uninstall or repair this application."/>
<param name="Uninstall.Strings.10" value="Removing file"/>
<param name="Uninstall.Strings.11" value="Removing registry entry"/>
<param name="Uninstall.Strings.12" value="Removing registry key"/>
<param name="Uninstall.Strings.13" value="Removing ini parameter from file"/>
<param name="Uninstall.Strings.14" value="Removing shortcut"/>
<param name="Uninstall.Strings.15" value="Removing folder"/>
<param name="Uninstall.Strings.16" value="Unregistering server"/>
<param name="Uninstall.Strings.17" value="Unregistering font"/>
<param name="Uninstall.Strings.18" value="Checking shared file"/>
<param name="Uninstall.Strings.19" value="Removing assembly"/>
<param name="Uninstall.Strings.20" value="Removing environment variable"/>
<language id="ENU" installname="English (United States)" lngid="ENU" pluginid="CustomUI">
<param name="Dlg.Shortcuts.DlgText.CurrUser" value="For current user only"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Caption.Install" value="%AppName% Setup - %WinTitleVersion%"/>
<param name="Dlg.SettingsLocation.AllUserDesc" value="Shared Data Setting Location:"/>
<param name="Dlg.SettingsLocation.AllUserDesc2" value="Choose the location to store the shared FlashFXP settings and site profiles."/>
<param name="Dlg.SettingsLocation.Title" value="Installation Data Location"/>
<param name="Dlg.SettingsLocation.Subtitle" value="Choose to use the default data storage location or select a custom location."/>
<param name="Dlg.UserType.Title" value="Setup Type"/>
<param name="Dlg.UserType.SubTitle" value="Choose the setup type that best suits your needs."/>
<param name="Dlg.StartInstall.DataFolder" value="Settings Location:"/>
<param name="Dlg.StartInstall.InstallPath" value="Install Location:"/>
<param name="Dlg.StartInstall.DlgText" value="You are now ready to install %AppName%. Press the Install button to begin the installation![\n\n]Your current selections are displayed below."/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Btn.Install" value="&#x26;Install"/>
<param name="Dlg.UserType.UseExistingValue" value="Continue to Use Data in Existing Location"/>
<param name="Dlg.SettingsLocation.AllUser" value="Use Default"/>
<param name="Dlg.SettingsLocation.Existing" value="Continue to use Existing Data Location"/>
<param name="Dlg.UserType.Typical" value="&#x26;Typical"/>
<param name="Dlg.SettingsLocation.ExistIsDefault" value="Continue to use Existing Data Location (default All User location)"/>
<param name="Dlg.UserType.Custom" value="&#x26;Custom"/>
<param name="Dlg.UserType.TypicalDesc" value="Program will be installed with the most common options. Recommended for most users."/>
<param name="Dlg.UserType.CustomDesc" value="Choose which program features you want installed and where they will be installed. Recommended for advanced users."/>
<param name="Dlg.UserType.CustomDesc2" value="Recommended for advanced users."/>
<param name="Dlg.UserType.SetupDescription" value="Please select a setup type."/>
<param name="Dlg.UserType.Upgrade" value="Update"/>
<param name="Dlg.UserType.UpgradeDesc" value="Program will be installed using the existing configuration."/>
<param name="Dlg.WhatsNew.Title" value="Whats New in FlashFXP"/>
<param name="Dlg.WhatsNew.SubTitle" value="Find out what is new in this version of FlashFXP,"/>
<param name="Dlg.License.DlgText" value="Press Page Down to see the rest of the agreement."/>
<param name="Dlg.Maintenance.DlgStart.Title" value="FlashFXP Installer Maintenance mode"/>
<param name="Dlg.Maintenance.LocatePackage" value="FlashFXP Installer Maintenance could not locate installation package for %AppName%. This package is required to repair your application. Please specify a location for this package."/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Succeeded.DlgText" value="FlashFXP Installer successfully removed %AppName% and all its components from your computer.[\n\n\n]Click on the Finish dialog button to exit the uninstallation process."/>
<param name="Dlg.Welcome.DlgText" value="This wizard will guide you throught the installation of %AppName% %AppVersion%.[\n\n]It is recommended that you close all other applications before continuing. This will make it possible to update relevant system files without having to reboot your computer. [\n\n\n]Click Next to continue."/>
<param name="Dlg.Welcome.Title" value="Welcome to the %AppName% %AppVersion% Setup Wizard"/>
<param name="Dlg.Welcome.SubTitle"/>
<param name="Dlg.License.SubTitle" value="Please review the license terms before installing %AppName% %AppVersion%"/>
<param name="Dlg.License.Checkbox.Agreement" value="If you accept the terms of the agreement, click 'I Agree' to continue. You must accept this agreement to install %AppName%."/>
<param name="Dlg.StartInstall.Title" value="Ready to Install %AppName% %AppVersion%"/>
<param name="Dlg.Progress.Title"/>
<param name="Dlg.Features.SubTitle" value="Check the components you want to install and uncheck the components you don't want to install. Click Next to continue."/>
<param name="Dlg.Progress.DlgText" value="Please wait. %AppName% installation is in progress."/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Btn.Next" value="&#x26;Next >"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Btn.Browse" value="&#x26;Browse..."/>
<param name="Dlg.UserType.G1" value="Application Settings and Site Profiles"/>
<param name="Dlg.UserType.L2" value="Recommended on computers with multiple login accounts."/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Error.InvalidPassword" value="Incorrect password!"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Caption.MainWindow" value="%AppName% setup"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Btn.Back" value="< Back"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Btn.Cancel" value="Cancel"/>
<param name="Dlg.Directory.Title" value="Destination Folder"/>
<param name="Dlg.Directory.SubTitle" value="Click Next to install the application to this folder, or click Browse to install to a different location."/>
<param name="Dlg.Directory.GroupBox.Caption" value="Installation folder"/>
<param name="Dlg.Directory.DlgText" value="Select the destination folder where you want to install %AppName%. To install to a different location, click Browse, and select another folder."/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.DlgText.SpaceRequired" value="Space required on your hard disk: %s"/>
<param name="Dlg.Directory.DlgText.SelectInstallFolder" value="Select installation folder:"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Btn.Create" value="Create..."/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Btn.OK" value="OK"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Title.CreateFolder" value="Create folder"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.DlgText.Name" value="Name"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.DlgText.CreateFolder.Err" value="You've specified a folder which already exists. Perhaps some application was previously installed there.[\n\n]Are you sure that you want to install %AppName% to this folder?"/>
<param name="Dlg.Finish.Title" value="Installation Complete"/>
<param name="Dlg.Finish.SubTitle" value="The Installation Wizard has successfully installed %AppName%."/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Btn.Finish" value="Finish"/>
<param name="Dlg.Finish.DlgText" value="%AppName% has been successfully installed.[\n\n\n]Press the Finish button to exit Setup program."/>
<param name="Dlg.NotFinish.Title" value="Installation Aborted"/>
<param name="Dlg.NotFinish.SubTitle"/>
<param name="Dlg.NotFinish.DlgText" value="Installation aborted. All installed components were removed via the rollback feature."/>
<param name="Dlg.Progress.SubTitle"/>
<param name="Dlg.Progress.DlgText.AllFiles" value="All files"/>
<param name="Dlg.Progress.Action.Skipping" value="Skipping %s"/>
<param name="Dlg.Progress.Action.Copying" value="Copying %s"/>
<param name="Dlg.Progress.Action.Removing" value="Removing %s"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.DlgText.Progress.ActionPerformed " value="Action performed:"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.DlgText.Progress.Item" value="Item:"/>
<param name="Dlg.StartInstall.SubTitle" value="The Installation Wizard is ready to install the %AppName%."/>
<param name="Dlg.Reboot.Title" value="Computer Restart"/>
<param name="Dlg.Reboot.SubTitle" value="Installation procedure needs to restart your system to configure the installed application."/>
<param name="Dlg.Reboot.DlgText" value="Some components were not installed completely. For finishing installation it is necessary to reboot your computer."/>
<param name="Dlg.Language.Title" value="Language Selection"/>
<param name="Dlg.Language.SubTitle" value="Select a language you would like the wizard to proceed with."/>
<param name="Dlg.Language.DlgText" value="Choose installation language:"/>
<param name="Dlg.License.Title" value="License Agreement"/>
<param name="Dlg.License.Option.AgreementYes" value="I Accept"/>
<param name="Dlg.License.Option.AgreementNo" value="I Decline"/>
<param name="Dlg.Readme.Title" value="Readme Information"/>
<param name="Dlg.Readme.SubTitle" value="Please read the following information about the %AppName% carefully."/>
<param name="Dlg.Readme.DlgText" value="Important information about %AppName%."/>
<param name="Dlg.Password.Title" value="Password Required"/>
<param name="Dlg.Password.SubTitle" value="Please enter the password to proceed with the %AppName% installation."/>
<param name="Dlg.Password.DlgText" value="Enter installation password:"/>
<param name="Dlg.ProgramGroups.Title" value="Program Group"/>
<param name="Dlg.ProgramGroups.SubTitle" value="Select the program group where the Installation Wizard will install application shortcuts."/>
<param name="Dlg.ProgramGroups.DlgText" value="Select program group:"/>
<param name="Dlg.Features.Title" value="Select Components"/>
<param name="Dlg.Features.DlgText.Desc" value="Description"/>
<param name="Dlg.InstallType.Title" value="Setup Type"/>
<param name="Dlg.InstallType.SubTitle" value="Select the setup type of the application."/>
<param name="Dlg.Package.Title" value="Looking for a file: %PackageName%"/>
<param name="Dlg.Package.DlgText" value='File "%PackageName%" was not found. Please specify it&#x27;s location. If you are installing the application from disks - insert the disk which contains this file.'/>
<param name="Dlg.Package.DlgText.GroupBox" value="Folder with file"/>
<param name="Dlg.Package.DlgText.FileFind" value="File find"/>
<param name="Dlg.Package.DlgText.SelectFolder" value="Select a folder with needed file:"/>
<param name="Dlg.VersionConflict.Title" value="File version conflict"/>
<param name="Dlg.VersionConflict.DlgText" value="The version of the file being copied is older, than the existing one on your computer. It is recommended to keep the existing file.[\n\n]Keep the existing file?"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Caption.Maintenance" value="%AppName% Maintenance"/>
<param name="Dlg.Shortcuts.Title" value="%AppName% Shortcuts"/>
<param name="Dlg.Shortcuts.SubTitle" value="Please select which shortcuts should be created"/>
<param name="Dlg.Shortcuts.DlgText.AppShortcuts" value="Select application shortcuts to be created:"/>
<param name="Dlg.Shortcuts.DlgText.UserOption" value="Specify how to create the shortcuts:"/>
<param name="Dlg.Shortcuts.DlgText.AllUsers" value="For all users"/>
<param name="Dlg.Shortcuts.DlgText.Desktop" value="Desktop"/>
<param name="Dlg.Shortcuts.DlgText.Quicklaunch" value="Quick Launch"/>
<param name="Dlg.Shortcuts.DlgText.Startmenu" value="Start Menu"/>
<param name="Dlg.Shortcuts.DlgText.Website" value="Create URLs for %AppName%"/>
<param name="Dlg.WebDeploy.Caption" value="%AppName% download progress"/>
<param name="Dlg.WebDeploy.Title" value="Downloading Files"/>
<param name="Dlg.WebDeploy.SubTitle" value="Please wait while required files are being downloaded"/>
<param name="Dlg.WebDeploy.DlgText" value="Downloading required files to proceed with the installation process. Please wait. To abort the download procedure press the 'Cancel' button. Canceling the download now will cause the setup in the future installation to download all packages again."/>
<param name="Dlg.WebDeploy.DlgText.Status" value="Status:"/>
<param name="Dlg.WebDeploy.DlgText.PackageName" value="File:"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Caption.Uninstall" value="Uninstall Program for %AppName%"/>
<param name="Dlg.Maintenance.DlgStart.SubTitle" value="Please select one of the following options below."/>
<param name="Dlg.Maintenance.DlgStart.Uninstall" value="Uninstall %AppName%"/>
<param name="Dlg.Maintenance.DlgStart.Repair" value="Repair %AppName%"/>
<param name="Dlg.Maintenance.DlgStart.UninstallDesc" value="Select this option to remove %AppName% and all its components from your computer."/>
<param name="Dlg.Maintenance.DlgStart.RepairDesc" value="Select this option to repair %AppName%. This option will reinstall the program with exactly the same components that were installed first time."/>
<param name="Dlg.Maintenance.DlgStart.Modify" value="Add/Remove Features"/>
<param name="Dlg.Maintenance.DlgStart.ModifyDesc" value="Select this option to add or remove application features"/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Before.Title" value="Uninstall for %AppName%"/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Before.SubTitle" value="This program will remove %AppName% and all its components from this computer."/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Before.DlgText" value="Are you sure you want to completely remove the %AppName% and all its components from your computer?[\n\n]To confirm the removal process press Next button.[\n\n]WARNING! Be careful the uninstaller may also delete %AppName% settings and data directories. Please backup the data which is stored in subdirectories of %AppName%."/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Before.Checkbox.DelUserData" value="Remove data files and folders created by %AppName%"/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Progress.Title" value="Uninstall Progress"/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Progress.SubTitle"/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Progress.Action.Preparing" value="Preparing uninstall"/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Progress.Action.Shortcuts" value="Uninstalling shortcuts"/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Progress.Action.Registry" value="Uninstalling registry entries"/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Progress.Action.Fonts" value="Unregistering fonts"/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Progress.Action.COM" value="Unregistering COM servers"/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Progress.Action.FilesAndFolder s" value="Removing files and folders"/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Progress.Action.Finishing" value="Finishing uninstall"/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Succeeded.Title" value="Uninstall Succeeded"/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Succeeded.SubTitle"/>
<param name="Dlg.Repair.Before.Title" value="Repair for %AppName%"/>
<param name="Dlg.Repair.Before.SubTitle" value="This program will try to repair %AppName%."/>
<param name="Dlg.Repair.Before.DlgText" value="To confirm the repair process press Next button.[\n\n]ATTENTION! Be careful the repair process may also reset %AppName% settings. Please backup the data which is stored in subdirectories of %AppName%."/>
<param name="Dlg.Browse.Title" value="Browse for Packages"/>
<param name="Dlg.Browse.SubTitle"/>
<param name="Dlg.Browse.SearchPackageIn" value="Search for package in:"/>
<param name="Dlg.Browse.Title.Browse" value="Browse for Folder"/>
<param name="Dlg.Browse.DlgText.SelectFolder" value="Select folder"/>
<param name="Dlg.DelSharedFile.Title" value="Remove shared file?"/>
<param name="Dlg.DelSharedFile.Desc" value="The system indicates that the following shared file is no longer used by any programs. If any programs are still using this file and it is removed, those programs may not function. Are you sure you want to remove the shared file?[\n\n]Leaving this file will not harm your system. If you are not sure what to do, it is suggested that you choose not to remove this shared component."/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.DlgText.FileName" value="File name:"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.DlgText.LocatedIn" value="Located in:"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Btn.Yes" value="Yes"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Btn.YesAll" value="Yes to all"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Btn.No" value="No"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Btn.NoAll" value="No to all"/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Reboot.Title" value="Computer Restart"/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Reboot.SubTitle" value="Uninstallation procedure needs to restart your system to remove application completely."/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Reboot.DlgText" value="Some components were not removed completely. For finishing uninstallation it is necessary to reboot your computer."/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Checkbox.RebootYes" value="Yes, reboot my computer now"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Checkbox.RebootNo" value="No, I will reboot my computer later"/>
<param name="Dlg.SaveFiles.Title" value="Save Files"/>
<param name="Dlg.SaveFiles.SubTitle" value="Choose a folder where you would like to save downloaded files"/>
<param name="Dlg.SaveFiles.DlgText" value="Click on the 'Browse' button to open the Browse for Folder dialog."/>
<param name="Dlg.SaveFiles.DlgText.GroupBox" value="Folder with file(s)"/>
<param name="Dlg.Browse.Title.Save" value="Select folder"/>
<param name="Dlg.Browse.DlgText.Save" value="Select a folder to save the file(s):"/>
<param name="Dlg.DBSelect.Title" value="Select Database Type"/>
<param name="Dlg.DBSelect.SubTitle" value="Please select one or more database types for configuration"/>
<param name="Dlg.DBConnDetails.Title" value="Database Connection Details"/>
<param name="Dlg.DBConnDetails.SubTitle" value="Please speciy the database details for SQL scripts execution"/>
<param name="Dlg.DBConnDetails.DlgText.HostName" value="Server IP or Host Name:"/>
<param name="Dlg.DBConnDetails.DlgText.Port" value="Port:"/>
<param name="Dlg.DBConnDetails.DlgText.UserName" value="User name:"/>
<param name="Dlg.DBConnDetails.DlgText.Password" value="Password:"/>
<param name="Dlg.RSAKey.Title" value="License Key Required"/>
<param name="Dlg.RSAKey.SubTitle" value="Please enter a license key to start the installation"/>
<param name="Dlg.RSAKey.DlgText" value="Enter the license key in the edit field below. You may either drag and drop or copy/paste this key."/>
<param name="Dlg.DiskUsage.Bytes" value="bytes"/>
<param name="Dlg.DiskUsage.KB" value="KB"/>
<param name="Dlg.DiskUsage.MB" value="MB"/>
<param name="Dlg.DiskUsage.GB" value="GB"/>
<param name="Dlg.DiskUsage.TB" value="TB"/>
<param name="Dlg.DiskUsage.Title" value="Disk Usage"/>
<param name="Dlg.DiskUsage.SubTitle"/>
<param name="Dlg.DiskUsage.Header.Volume" value="Volume"/>
<param name="Dlg.DiskUsage.Header.Capacity" value="Capacity"/>
<param name="Dlg.DiskUsage.Header.FreeSpace" value="Free Space"/>
<param name="Dlg.DiskUsage.DlgTxt.SpaceInfo" value="Disk space usage"/>
<param name="All.Dialogs.Btn.ViewSpaceInfo" value="View"/>
<param name="Dlg.NetworkPwd.Title" value="Authentication required"/>
<param name="Dlg.NetworkPwd.SubTitle" value="Please identify yourself for the data below"/>
<param name="Dlg.NetworkPwd.Username" value="User name:"/>
<param name="Dlg.NetworkPwd.Password" value="Password:"/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Aborted.DlgText" value="Uninstall aborted. To fully delete %AppName% please run uninstall again. To restore deleted components please start the installer in repair mode."/>
<param name="Dlg.Uninstall.Aborted.Title" value="Uninstall Aborted"/>
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