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Default "Cache Directories" is very dangerous, isn't it?


in my eyes the option "Cache Directories" is very dangerous cause what you see is not allways the actual content of the directory if this option is enabled. So for example it could happen that you delete a directory cause FlashFXP shows that it is empty while it contains files that were placed there after FlashFXP cached the directory. Or you do assume that a file is allready uploaded cause FlashFXP shows it but in fact it is not there. Cause you think that the file exists you will not upload it again so that the file will be missing on the server.

This are only 2 examples for mistakes that could happen when using the "Cache Directories" option. Sure if you use FlashFXP to download files from public FTP's (like ftp.microsoft.com or ftp.adobe.com) only this might be no probleme but if you use FlashFXP to manage files on private FTP's which contents changes while your FTP session is open you could get serious problems with this option enabled.

I have used FlashFXP for more than 2 years to manage my D-Box 2 digital receivers via FTP. Since I randomly discoverd this problem yesterday I am absolutely worried cause I think that this problem will occur very often on D-Box 2 receivers.

Imagine the following situation:

I am connected to one of my digital receivers with FlashFXP and suddenly I decide to flash a new image to the D-Box 2 which will of cause dramatically change the files / folders present on the receiver. So I disconnect the FTP session (I am not closing FlashFXP) and then flash the new image after that (the receiver still uses the same IP, user and password) I use the reconnect function of FlashFXP to reconnect to my receiver. What I will see now is a mix between the files and folders which were present before the flash and that ones which are present now cause the content of some directories will be up to date while the other ones which were cached before flashing the new image will still show the former content.

This is a normal situation when testing new software for the digital receivers but exactly in such situations the "Cache Directories" option is very dangerous, isn't it?

So does this in fact mean that I have allways looked on wrong files and folders while I have edited my digital receiver's software?

If so I do not understand why such a dangerous option is enabled by default.

Thank you in advance for your support!
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I think it's enabled by default because it speeds up the load times of listing. If you cache the directories and you're going up and down the tree, it's easier to have a cache and only "refresh" the ones you want.

I agree, but your logic is flawed. If caching is such a problem, why would browsers do it? What if you are watching an eBay item and your browser caches everything. And you don't close it but come back. You see no-one has outbid you, and you think you've won. You later get an email stating you lost the item. What?

Caching is there so the displaying of files runs faster. Browsers do it, your computer does it. FlashFXP does it, I think, as a nicety to the user. It's not that hard to turn off, and really, it's not that important of a feature. If you FTP something into your remote device, and know something should be changed, just hard-refresh it. The cache is cleared and you've got a "live" listing. Not that hard.

I see your point, but don't fully agree. If you know how to FTP/FXP something, you should know about caching and how to "refresh".

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sasa_obu, In the example you mentioned above disabling the cache for that site would probably be the best idea. However for general use ftp servers, you would probably be better off with caching enabled.
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