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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Answers to common questions, how to guides, and advanced configuration information.

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Default Command Line Switches

Command Line Switches (Taken from the FlashFXP help file)

FLASHFXP.EXE [-switches] [ftp:// or sitename or queuefile.fqf] [; ftp:// or sitename]

Connecting to a single ftp server:
  • FLASHFXP.EXE ftp://ftp.sierra.com/
  • FLASHFXP.EXE Default Sites\Game Sites\Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Connecting to multiple ftp servers (maximum two):
  • FLASHFXP.EXE ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/; ftp://ftp.adobe.com/
  • FLASHFXP.EXE Default Sites\Commercial Sites\Mozilla; Default Sites\Commercial Sites\Adobe
Loading a saved queue file:
  • FLASHFXP.EXE "C:\My Documents\updatemysite.fqf"
You may use either -switch or /switch. Switch values *must* be quoted if they contain spaces (eg: -switch="some value").

All settings are temporary and effect the current FlashFXP session only.
When passing a site name to a command line switch each group is separated by a \ (forward slash) so if a site named "omega" was within a group called "alpha" you would use "\alpha\omega" to reference the site.

Automatically begins transfer of file(s).
Example to load a queue and transfer it.
  • flashfxp.exe -get "c:\queue.fqf"
Example to download the file rfc959.txt to c:\my downloads\
  • flashfxp.exe -get -localpath="C:\My Downloads\" ftp://ftp.ripe.net/mirrors/rfc/rfc959.txt
(same as -get).

Enqueue a download and then transfer the queue. Must use Site Manager (no ftp:// links).
Example to download a folder
  • flashfxp.exe -download <sitename> -remotepath="\ftp\folder\" -localpath="c:\path\newfolder\"
Enqueue a upload and then transfer the queue. Must use Site Manager (no ftp:// links).
Example to upload a folder
  • flashfxp.exe -upload <sitename> -remotepath="\incoming\newfolder\" -localpath="c:\path\folder\"
Enqueue a site to site transfer and then transfer the queue. Must use site manager (no ftp:// links).
Always use <Source>;<Destination>.
Example to FXP a folder
  • flashfxp.exe -fxp <sitename>;<sitename> -remotepath="\source\folder\" -remotepath="\target\folder\"
Enqueue a raw command and then execute it on the server. This can be combined with the -c2 switch to close FlashFXP after performing the command.
  • flashfxp.exe "\alpha\omega" -raw="SITE WHO"
Starts FlashFXP maximized.

Starts FlashFXP minimized.

Starts FlashFXP in the system tray.

Starts FlashFXP locked to the tray, using this password.

Starts FlashFXP locked to the tray, using your application security password.
(used in combination with -pass="<password>", see below).

Enters your security password if your sites are protected (see: sites > security).

-savequeueWhen this parameter is combined with loading a queue file via the command line, it will update the original queue file on exit.

When this parameter is combined with loading a queue file via the command line, it will save the queue on exit using the defined filename.

Restore the auto-saved queue from the last time you quit (can be used with -go to automatically resume your last session if interrupted).

Sets the local browser to this local path.

Sets the remote browser to this remote path.
Can be used twice if connecting to 2 sites for FXP, use after each site name.
  • FlashFXP.exe "Site" -remotepath="/uploads/"

Example of using it twice when connecting to two sites:
  • FlashFXP.exe "Site 1" -remotepath="/uploads/";"Site 2" -remotepath="/downloads/"
-logfile="<path to logfile>"
Specifies an alternate file to save log information into.

Sets the default selective transfer rule set. (see: tools > selective transfer).
The listname parameter is name of the rule set.
Example where my rule set is named "only .txt files" which might be set to only include *.txt files:
  • FlashFXP.exe -ruleset="only .txt files"
On transfer complete, do the following:
0 = idle (default)
1 = disconnect site(s)
2 = quit flashfxp
3 = hang up modem
4 = hang up and quit flashfxp
5 = hang up and turn off computer
6 = turn off computer
7 = log off computer
8 = hibernate (if supported)
9 = sleep (if supported)

Lets you select the working directory where your configurations and .dat files are loaded and stored.

Lets you backup your configurations and .dat files to a single file. Use the .fbk extension.

Import a exported site list (.ftp type) into FlashFXP

Additional optional switches that can be combined with -import

-group="<group name>"
Allows the user to place the imported site into a specific group, nested grouping is supported by separating each group with a \ (forward slash) i.e. -group="websites\company x"
Will auto-overwrite any existing site in the same location with the same name, otherwise the user will be prompted to confirm the operation.
Will close FlashFXP after completing the import operation.

Additional command line examples:
If you want to automatically download a specific file from an FTP site:
  • FLASHFXP -get -localpath="C:\My Downloads\" ftp://ftp.ripe.net/mirrors/rfc/rfc959.txt
If you want FlashFXP to startup as a tray icon, automatically update your website, and close FlashFXP when it has finished:
  • FLASHFXP.EXE -tray -c2 -go updatemysite.fqf
If you want FlashFXP to startup maximized and ready to work on your website, you might do one of the following:
  • FLASHFXP.EXE -max My Website
  • FLASHFXP.EXE -max -localpath="C:\My Documents\My Website\" My Website -remotepath="/public_html/"
  • FLASHFXP.EXE -max -localpath="C:\My Documents\My Website\"
  • ftp://user:pass@ftp.domain.com/public_html/

If you want FlashFXP to connect to two sites and set their remote-path to a specific folder, you might do either of the following:
  • FLASHFXP.EXE Default Sites\Software Archives\Walnut Creek -remotepath="/pub/"; Default Sites\Software Archives\Sunsite -remotepath="/pub/"
  • FLASHFXP.EXE http://ftp.cdrom.com/ -remotepath="/pub/"; ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/ -remotepath="/pub/"
  • FLASHFXP.EXE http://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/; ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/
If you want to restore and resume the last auto-saved session in the event of a power failure, you might put this shortcut in your Windows Startup folder:
  • FLASHFXP.EXE -min -restorequeue -go
If you want to prevent anyone from tampering with your transfer:
  • FLASHFXP.EXE -lock="xyzzy" -restorequeue -go

If you have set a security password set to encrypt your sites.dat (under Sites > Security), you can automatically enter your password with the following:
  • FLASHFXP.EXE -pass="foobar"
If you have a security password set and want to prevent anyone from tampering with your transfer:
  • FLASHFXP.EXE -pass="foobar" -lock -restorequeue -go

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