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02-19-2004, 11:44 AM
I get this error in dZSbot:
Uploaders: initialization@ERROR:kb/sec - Leechers: (is@failedkb/sec - Idlers: ioFTPD - Total: @running?)kb/sec

The cryptic message is: "ERROR: initialisation failed, is ioFTPD running?"

1. Is ioFTPD actually running?
2. Don't use the WindowName=... setting under [Threads] in ioftpd.ini
3. Are u running ioFTPD as a NTService? If yes, make sure dZSbot is running in the same session.
(Starting the bot with a site command will make sure they are in the same session)
Alternatively, u can select the service option "Interact with desktop", that way, ioFTPD's message window can be found by applications (sitewho.exe) that are running in your desktop session.


With ioFTPD 5.8.4u : The script is hanging (check taskmanager) or it takes +3 seconds to get output, and it says no users online.

Known problem, current solution: upgrade to 5.8.5r