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Default ioINI v2.0 out...

ioINI v2.0 totally re-worked version !

Usage: SITE INI <section> <item> <value>

<section> The ioFTPD.ini section-name.
<item> The item-name.
<value> The item-value.

Note: Changes existing values in ioFTPD.ini directly or
add a new <item> to <section> with <value>.


SITE INI Any Ports 55000-56000
SITE INI Any Global_Outbound_Bandwidth 5000
SITE INI FTP_Service User_Limit 50
SITE INI FTP_Service Port 21
SITE INI FTP_Custom_Commands newcmd EXEC ..\\scripts\\xxx.exe
SITE INI FTP_SITE_Permissions newcmd M can also create various useful aliases with the example below (see codebox)....


SITE INI FTPPASV 51000-52000

and so on...


1) copy the "ioINI"-Dir from ZIP-file to ..\Scripts\
2) configure path to ioFTPD.ini in ioINI.ini
3) add the lines below to your ioFTPD.ini

ini = EXEC ..\scripts\ioINI\ioINI.exe  

#### here are some sample aliases for ini-cmd ;-)  ###

ftphost = @ini Any Host
ftppasv = @ini Any Ports
ftprandom = @ini Any Random
ftpglobalin = @ini Any Global_Inbound_Bandwidth
ftpglobalout = @ini Any Global_Outbound_Bandwidth
ftpclientin = @ini Any Client_Inbound_Bandwidth
ftpclientout = @ini Any Client_Outbound_Bandwidth
ftpport = @ini FTP_Service Port
ftpuserlimit = @ini FTP_Service User_Limit
ftpidletimeout = @ini Ftp Idle_Time


ini = M

ftphost = M
ftppasv = M
ftprandom = M
ftpglobalin = M
ftpglobalout = M
ftpclientin = M
ftpclientout = M
ftpport = M
ftpuserlimit = M
ftpidletimeout = M
4) rehash the config
5) if you use ioHELP-script, just copy "" to your "iohelp\site" path

known limitations:

1) Cannot automatically rehash config. After SITE INI command a manual "config rehash" must done.
2) Doesn't support duplicate item-entries per design (program uses windows-internal standard-"ini"-procs)

have fun
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