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I'm not fully aware of license changes that will follow release of next version. But there will be obviously some due to following reasons:

1) io is now what I do for living, while it used to be a mere hobby.
2) there are other people involved in the developement process & product support.
3) we have specific market segment that we target.
4) io should no longer be considered only as ftp daemon.

One you should all note is that I would have not continued working on io anymore, if there wasn't inicom. Even though they are paying me monthly salary on those months that I work on io, I've been forced to do other projects to cover my living expenses.

I do expect license prices of commerical licenses to go up. Also I expect to see some changes in license terms. (eg. 2 years of free product updates or 3 major updates - the one that lasts longer applies)

As usual these are my opinions, and they do not represent inicom's view in any way.
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