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S'pose I should quell the rumors before they get too rampant. DarkOne *is* back and we're all on the same page. I didn't want to post anything until we'd had a chance to figure out whether things were going to truly be back on schedule and it looks as if they are. D1 is continuing as he described above and we've got things back on track for everyone working on ioFTPD. No, we weren't going to hire a new programmer. We already have other programmers within the company that would take on project lead. IniCom is more than D1, CED, and the individual coders that are recognized. D1, CED, and some others just happen to be leads on their respective projects, and for good reason. It's nice to work with talented developers. D1 is going to remain project lead now that we know he's alive. As for the other post, I'm going to close it and it'll fade into obscurity. We're still going to take care of the scripters and keep moving forward. A lot of new stuff is going to come together both technically and logistically in the next couple months. I look forward to what people have to say about the next rev. of ioFTPD.

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