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Glad you read the upgrading instructions and changelog...

0.9.8 -> 0.9.9 - Replace all files located in /scripts/nxTools/.
               - Remove your nukes and requests database from /scripts/nxTools/data/
                 and recreate them using the "SITE DB CREATE" command.
               - Changed config option: dupe(RebuildPaths), newdate(Default), and
               - Renamed config options: misc(UTC_Time) to misc(UtcTime) and
                 pre(ChownUID) to pre(ChownUserId).
               - Repeat steps 1 to 3 in the installation section.
nxTools v0.9.9 (03-27-2005):
  NEW: SITE BOT BW to view the site's current usage.
  NEW: SITE NUKETOP [-max <limit>] [group] to view the top-nuked users.
  NEW: The SITE DB CREATE command checks database schema versions.
  CHG: All configuration files and extensions are loaded by init.itcl when the interpreter is initialized.
  CHG: Cleaned up database opening and improved error messages.
  CHG: Directory tags are safely removed, in case there are files inside.
  CHG: Moved all functions into the ::nxTools namespace, and scripts into a child namespace.
  CHG: Newdate area, pre check path, and rebuild path options are now defined in a Tcl list format.
  CHG: Redesigned the nukes database; nukees are now stored in a separate table.
  CHG: Renamed all .itcl extensions to .tcl, since iTcl is short for "incr Tcl". 
  CHG: SITE REQUESTS to view requests, instead of "SITE REQUEST" with no parameters.
  CHG: The original nukes database records are updated when releases are unnuked and re-nuked.
  FIX: Approved releases that already exist were also added to the approve list.
  FIX: Pre areas weren't listed on SITE PRE HELP.
  FIX: The security check on SITE UNDUPE was not working properly.
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