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Originally posted by PaRaNoiD_JaCK
I get the following error`s when using autonuke script. As you can see the errors happen regurarly even tho the dll is placed in the system dir.

05-28-2005 15:03:33 - LoadExtension : couldn't load library "nxHelper.dll": this library or a dependent library could not be found in library path
When I rewrote nxHelper v2.1 (and its makefile), I dynamically linked against msvcrt instead of statically against libcmt. So your system is most likely missing msvcrt71.dll, a dependency of nxHelper.dll. I removed the dependency in nxTools-Libraries-v5, download from

Originally posted by PaRaNoiD_JaCK
Also the script will nuke the genre goa even tho it`s not in the list. This is from my autonuke config:
You misread (or didn't read) the comments in nxAutoNuke.cfg.

#   MP3:
#     - Nuke banned genres or unaccepted years.
#     - Check Settings: genre:<banned genre> year:<allowed year>
nxAutoNuke will only nuke defined genres, not the other way around. And strings with multiple words should be enclosed in braces, for example.

Wrong: Genre:*Death Metal*
Right: {Genre:*Death Metal*}
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