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Here nuke works fine with iobanana, but bot doesn't advertise nuke warning in channel
Shouldn't it write to chan that user xxx xxx and xxx are going to be nuked if dir is still empty after xx minutes?
Could the problem be related to shareDB being used?
banana.tcl and skin are configured fine.
Even if in readme i read to add these lines to iobanana.tcl i added them to the skin: set announce(ANUKEALLOW) "-:[b]:[b] autonuke [b]:[b]:- %path/[b]%release[b] is not from an allowed group, it will be nuked in [b]%timeleft[b]mins. Uploaders: %uploaders"

Where else could be the problem?

site autonuke gives me this:
[2] (18.17.38) 200-| Checking 1 auto-nuke sections. |
[2] (18.17.38) 200-| |
[2] (18.17.38) 200-| Checking path: /XXX (offset: 0) |
and no warning is made, even if warning time has passed. If i try it again after nuking time, it nukes the dir fine...
So why no warnings using the itcl?
Do i have to install init.itcl?
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