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Originally posted by wooolF[RM]
Works fine here =)
Had to add *nuked* to set anuke(Exempts) , otherwise same release could be nuked forever until it got wiped.
That's what the anuke(Prefix) setting is for.
# - Prefix for nuked releases (no wild-cards and case sensitive).
set anuke(Prefix)       {[NUKED]-}
Originally posted by wooolF[RM]
that was once a sitebot announced that some rls will be nuked 3 times in a row (same second, same msg, 3 times)... restarted ftpd... seems like it fixed it...
Was it announced 3 times (sitebot bug) or was it actually nuked 3 times? Check the ioFTPD.log if there is 3 log entries.

As for the other issues, I'll look into them.
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