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Really thx for this needed script mate
But...i can't run it...i paste my settings:
PHP Code:
set misc(MountUser)        "ioFTPD"
set misc(MountFile)        "../etc/admin.vfs"
set misc(UTC_Time)      False
set misc
(DST_Correct)   False
set misc
(TimeZone)      0
set anuke(UserName)     "ioFTPD"
set anuke(GroupName)    "ioftpd"
set anuke(Release)      True
set anuke(Sections) {
"/MVID/%Y-Week-%W" {
in ioFTPD.log i don't have nothing created by anuker.
in ioFTPD.ini i have:

autonuke = 0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * TCL ..\scripts\nxAutoNuke\nxAutoNuke.itcl


autonuke = TCL ..\scripts\nxAutoNuke\nxAutoNuke.itcl

Using: ioFTPD:5.8.5r and ioA:1.2.0

Thx 4 all


P.S: can be written a debug file to see what happen?
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