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Originally posted by mr_F
now is a good time to post this, regarding the scripters pool:

i think the scripters pool concept needs to be re-evaluated. scripters like mouton, who primarily put their scripts available only as a "foundation" member do not necessarily deserve a cut of the pool. ie: some very quick scripts (ie: subbedDir) aren't nearly as complex or as important as many of the "free" scripts, such as neox's auto nuker. for reasons such as this, i think that if they do divide up the pool, it should be divded amongst those willing to take payment, taking in account # of downloads from unique ips into account for amount allotment.
People being people, they paid 5$ more for a foundation license to have access to the scripts they wouldn't have if they only paid 10$, not for the good conscience.
I mean, let's face it: I doubt that more than 20% of the foundation license owners would have paid more than a normal license if there wasn't anything attached to it, except knowing that the extra money would go to scripters.
That's my opinion: people who help make the scripters pool grow should be the ones to receive the money. Other scripters, who distribute their scripts freely, should receive donations directly from users, since no money (or almost no money) that is now in the foundation pool was generated by their hark work.

That being said, you seem to be misinformed. darkone's idea was to get money for foundation licenses, and distribute it to *any* scripter who's work on ioFTPD scripts was used by ioFTPD users.
If you do a couple of search for long dead threads, you'll see that many scripters who never contributed to any foundation scripts received or were offered money.
edit: Example of such thread: (was sticky in this forum...)

And finally, about your somewhat blunt attack on my person regarding me deserving 'a cut of the pool' or not, I'll answer this: I don't deserve any donation since I gave my ioBanana project to Harm. I did that because I was sick tired of users on my back, and I'm way more happy since I made that decision. All the scripts that I posted in the Foundation section since then were put there with the only goal to get more people to buy a foundation license; and I must admit I think I did more than my share on bringing in more money for scripters.
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