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Default Almost 1 YEAR! Since The Last ioFTPD!

according to the members section, the last 5.8.5r version of ioFTPD was added on 2004-04-02 09:52:38, thats almost 1 YEAR ago!

What is happening INICOM?

Can we have some straight answers as to WHEN theres gonna be a new version? what is d1`s status (he hasnt been seen or heard from in #ioFTPD for close to 4 months).

Is he still working on ioFTPD?

Do we need to close #ioFTPD as a channel for a DEAD project?

People have also paid for licenses with the belief that scripters will benefit from there extra donations, its been like what? a year too since any scripters had donations from ioFTPD.

Does the scripters pool still exist?

Is d1 well?
#iotools #ioftpd (both on efnet)
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