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Default Site Undupe on a SQL DB


I have asked this question in irc chan already but so far no replies.
I 'm gonna post it here again:

Regarding 5-8-5r and ioB v20 :

SITE UNDUPE <selected_dir>

shouldn't it remove the entry in the MySQL DB too?

Or what it does now is to write <selected_dir> to undupe.dat which
overrules the sql db?

Because in my case it does not overrule the entry in the DB and thus
the upload (MKD) command failes because of dupe entry.

And for files I understand it reads from xferlog?

Can someone please confirm this behavior and whether it can be
configured to something else. Sorry if I didnt find the right entry in
the docs or the knowledge base, but as a noob I have spend the
last 4 days playing around with all involved files.

(Using MySQL 4.1.10 with OldPasswords() enabled.)

Oh yes, one last thing: /!ioFTPD is a negation, correct? like site
excluded_dirs = /!ioFTPD means it's actually included?

Thank you for listening!

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