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Default Finally some images!!!!

Ok a lot of the API functions have now been built.... Exculding Server management stuff like rehash / reload / and the INI file, thats going to be the next task - still trying to figure out a nice way to make the INI file editable specially to make it nice when adding all script configuration options later on.

Ok the images are not much but its a start on the GUI's - Bleh... GUI's take so long, specially if you trying to make them look half pretty... i still need a graphics guru to help out know anyone... let me know (even if its just to do the frameset onthe outside nicely).

I have included some text in the images explaining a few things so check those out.

On the TODO list:
1) Groups manager interface
2) A Wizard for groups and users, allows you to add users easily.
3) Graphs for the Stats ... stats looking shocking at the moment. I know there are a few guys out there who have scripts that output HTML Stats that are all pretty, if you guys know of any good Scripts that do HTML let me know maybe i can speak to the author and include it in this package as a pre configured setup.
4)Do the API for Server Management.
5) log viewer again i think i remmember seeing some HTML log viewers in the scripts (they'll have to be unregistered cos i am unregistered.)

I think its slowly getting there. If anyone can code in .NET well and wants to help maybe we can find something for you to parse the system ini file or build some kind of api around that :P

Anyways guys check out the images, and enjoy.

Comments and feedback appreciated. If you think i am wasting my time... tell me that too

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