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Ok i have tested the DLL in IIS with some basic functionality, IIS keeps the connection open to the FTP and i now presist the connection to the FTP for running commands. (whatever account is used to connect to the FTP for this background processing i intend to remove from any listing that i display on the website so it doesnt clog it up)

?? I am not sure if i should create a timer in the DLL to maintain the connection by running PWD or other commands. as obviously if the FTP has a timeout it will drop my socket. (this will automatically reconnect on the next command, i kinda like it the way it is because doesnt mean its connected indefinitly)??

The following support exists in the Library at the moment:

1) Reading a configuration which will hold the FTP settings to connect to.
2) Choice of connecting to the FTP via SSL/TLS (for the paranoid..its on your own machine dammnit! he he he) etc or plain mode.
3)70%-80%% of all user related commands AddUser/DelUser/AddIP/DelIP/Credits/Flags etc.
4) Reading / Parsing of the Group and User Files.
5) Parsing of FTP stats from ioFTPD by running the STATS command on the FTP server returning a DataSet.

The HTTP GUI's that have been completed currently although some are being reworked:

1) Login
2) User Manager
3) Basic Menu / Master Page.
4)Basic stats, no graphs just output.

I can send a screenshot if anyone is interested.

Short Term Plans::

Finish the basic FTP functionality: Groups / FTP Settings and VFS
Build GUI's for the functionality

Long Term Plans::
Build an Installer / Customizer for IO which installs some scripts by default and has web GUI's to configure those scripts.

I work 12 hours a day so i dont have much time to work on this every night what can i say a consulting life style doesnt leave me with much time.

Suggestions / help would be appreciated if anyone is good at graphics or web design and wants to help pm me.
I am not the greatest coder if someone has suggestions in design that would also be appreciated.

Again suggestions are always welcome.

Thanx guys
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