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well , I though that you built the HTTPD Server to begin with.. if this isnt the case then nevermind. Persistant connection wouldnt do much then, because it will only be active for the amount of time that the DLL is in use, approx the same amount of time it takes for your code to output the html page. Unless if you can load the DLL into the HTTPD so it can hold the instance.

Bah too sloppy...

AS for the DLL still I would try to make one persistant conneciton at the DLLMain Entry point because it has its advantages.

1. you won't have to login to the FTP for every function you have...
2. many people might wanna use the DLL to create an application (.exe) with other languages (BASIC/C#/C++). So there would be a true persistant conneciton here.
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