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if you guys know how to do it let me know.... as far as i know you cant. Well its actually a bit of a tricky one... Um i am not sure if you can because as far as i know a DLL needs a host app to run in hence its gotta be a blows app, a windows service ... but because of the way webservers work you going to loose the session on the next request because they are stateless... so the webserver could be host but connecting back up to the same session could be a pain but i will give it a shot.

Also i just realized you cant get half the information you need by parsing the server output - like the user limits line....

limits 0 0 1 2 5

i have looked in the doc and i cant find a command that will actually show you a users limits (specifically the no of logins allowed)

working on the DLL and the site will take me some time... but will continue posting stuff as i go along.

Again... this is not the BEST way to do things but it is a way...

All positive criticism is welcome.
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