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w0rd son.. chill.. maybe in your first post you should've stated that you have tried all methods of memory mappings, not just the C++ Code

I even tried to convert some the memory mapping modules from ioGUI into .NET and it didn’t work great at all… so don’t just rock up here and assume I haven’t tried anything, or I am as clueless as you think.
Dont convert them, just use his Mem Mapping class to create a simple ocx file. I have also tried to convert his Mem Mapping class but I have come to understand that converting his class would like taking a copy of a copy. If one were to want to convert the code one would start from the C++ Sources to fully get the gist of what D1 is trying to do.

I am sorry to say I am no c programmer, but its typical idiots like mouton (you have 1801 posts… god I hope they are not all like this one, because then your wasting your time and your life man) who just feel everything is RTFM and want to fight about everything, next time if you got something useless to say post it elsewhere, I want constructive criticism here.
Well, in the case of the 'mouton' dispute. He is an *******, he will always be an ******* -- especially if its your 1st post lol... only way to win him over is if you bake delicious oatmeal cookies ... isnt that right mouton :banana:

oh how I miss the good ol' dayz

Edit: Fixed typo lol, "be in *******"
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