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Firstly in my own defense, yes maybe as someone who is a c programmer or comp sci background you can just go read up memory mapping and then just apply that to whatever you want to do…. I am sorry to say I am no c programmer, but its typical idiots like mouton (you have 1801 posts… god I hope they are not all like this one, because then your wasting your time and your life man) who just feel everything is RTFM and want to fight about everything, next time if you got something useless to say post it elsewhere, I want constructive criticism here.

Secondly I have read all the posts on memory mapping in this forum and all the examples, I even tried to convert some the memory mapping modules from ioGUI into .NET and it didn’t work great at all… so don’t just rock up here and assume I haven’t tried anything, or I am as clueless as you think. The bottom line is I am a ‘business programmer’ I taught myself everything I know and I know as much as I want to know. I like to use programming to solve business problems not work out low level API rubbish, someone who enjoys that can do that.

.NET Lazy??? … well what I am trying to do is not performance based? So what other disadvantages are there? In fact I bet a .NET GUI, will look nice and be more feature rich than anything you can whip up in PHP and so far I haven’t seen anything web based whipped up by anyone so whose going to complain about a .NET web app? The possibilities are endless with .NET … php falls short the minute you want anything but a website. Smart apps? Mobile apps?
Have you ever tried doing drag drop customization in PHP? I don’t want to try… check out .NET 2.0 Webparts because isn’t that what you want at the end of the day a customizable user interface – that doesn’t have to be lightening quick? At the end of the day there are tons of non critical systems that have slower than c interfaces…. I am going to build my app anyways if there is no DLL, i'll do it whatever way I can but then there might be the few that go … OMFG how can we use a slow (and when I say slow I mean not as fast as a native c app) site like this??? (chill out lamers the world is not about CPU cycles)

Anyways that a completely different argument… if I said java you would probably happy, but in terms of performance its just as crap if not worse than .NET 1.1 and definitely worse than Beta .NET 2.0

It’s shocking to think that there are tons of great people in this forum, all with great ideas then you get people trying to squash them into oblivion instead of helping them, if a DLL is too much to ask for well then it is, but if it doesn’t take too much more work why not post it and see a lot more apps coming out, some not the greatest others really really fantastic.
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