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Default DLL's - Updated, WebGUI Initial ScreenShots

i dont know much about c++ programming or mem mapping, so currently its very difficult for me to do anything with the built in functions of io... maybe in the new version we can have either a .NET lib or COM lib that we can import into other applications that we build and communicate directly with the functionality.

These functions must all exist already inside the application its just a matter of how you seperate them from the core executable...

A lot of people know how to program and have great ideas.. at the moment not many of them can express them... with a DLL like i mentioned above you will see the FTP server grow even faster than it is.

Currently i have built a .NET Web interface (not 100% yet got a bit more to go)... yeah for some of you you will say ahh well thats bloated i am not interested... but the way it works is pretty horrid at the moment... it actually connects to the FTP as an account and runs commands, gets lists of users which i then parse into a nice looking web format... i dont know when the new version of the FTPd is going to be out so i built this one for my own purposes, i have a whole bunch of great ideas just at the moment cant realy express them because dont have a DLL or anything to play with.

I am sure there are a lot of people like myself who can program, have great ideas but maybe dont know / want to fcuk with mem maps just to get the current server throughput.

(dont forget about event hook ups :P)

Anyways just an idea.
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