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Default Assistance as I get that with req the IRC nod stand (!request iobanana.req.for.irc Ha

I have it now get which one from IRC reqdel, reqfilled No. and request. But which me now a little disturbs does is now times it goes unfortunately only in such a way with me

<ioFTPD-Noop> !ReQuEsT iobanana.req.for.irc-Happy
<Lamestbot> [REQUEST] + iobanana.req.for.irc-Happy added by sitebot/Sitebot.

<ioFTPD-Noop> !reqfilled 1
<Lamestbot> [FILLED] + iobanana.req.for.irc-Happy filled by sitebot/Sitebot.

<ioFTPD-Noop> !reqdel 1
<Lamestbot> [REQDEL] - iobanana.req.for.irc-Happy deleted by sitebot/Sitebot.

<ioFTPD-Noop> !request
<Lamestbot> > !reqfilled Nr
<Lamestbot> [001] iobanana.req.for.irc-Happy requested by [sitebot]

That is is called that everything now over the Sitebot runs off and not over the user it IRC chan, - (with glftpd e.g. also req for IRC stands. I want to hope times one to help it also with ioBanana v2 go in such a way

This text is translated with of the German it English
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