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Talking ioNRsfv - cleanest sfv script ever

i decided to publically release the source for what has been my sfv checker for the last 2 months. custom built, really sexy, really simple source code to follow and understand, and very easily modified. coded in C, no binaries available, as you have to customize the configuration per ioFTPd setup. my guess is that some code junkies might wanna see this. and after Jeza released his new zipchecker, which i don't know how, but runs in 1 giant function, i thought people might want to see how clean a real sfv script can be.

as I said, this is only source code, including full MSVC++ project files, with a quick edit of the definitions (ie: configuration settings) you can compile and have this script running in minutes. i can troubleshoot if you're having problems compiling, but i think everyone that has a FTP out there is happy with having either no zipscript, or their current zipscript.

also note there are some key features which i chose not to implement, and some that i haven't had time. they are, for me, of little importance at the moment, including:
+ zip checking
+ id3 checking
+ .message file creation
+ sitebot interaction

which will all be added, someday, but now, this is just to show you some code

have fun
get it @ my website
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