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Default FlashFXP keyboard shortcut keys

These are most of the keyboard shortcut keys. If you know of any more, let us know, and i'll add it to the list
Ctrl+A		Select All
Ctrl+B		Pops up the Bookmark menu
Ctrl+D  	Compare Directories
Ctrl+F  	Find File
Ctrl+G		Manual Get
Ctrl+I  	Invert Selection
Ctrl+K		Pops up the Connect menu
Ctrl+M  	Move selected files/directories
Ctrl+N  	Rename
Ctrl+O  	Change file properties
Ctrl+P  	Saves remote path
Ctrl+Q  	Queue selected Files/Directories
Ctrl+R  	Raw Command
Ctrl+S  	Mask Select
Ctrl+T  	Transfer selected Files/Directories
Ctrl+U  	Copy URL - Copies the full URL of the selected 
		file to the clipboard.
Ctrl+Y		Creates the current directory name on the other 
		site when your connected to two FTP sites.
Ctrl+Z		Transfer Queue
Ctrl+Ins   	Change Directory
Ctrl+RtClick	Show Explorer menu in local view
Shift+RtClick	Show Explorer menu in local view
Shift+Ctrl+C    Clear Marked List
Shift+Ctrl+E    Export Marked list to clipboard
Shift+Ctrl+I    Import Marked list from clipboard
Shift+Ctrl+Q	Queue selected files/directories and prompts the 
		user for a new name.
Shift+Ctrl+R	Toggle raw command line input
Shift+Ctrl+S    Select All Marked items
Shift+Ctrl+T	Transfer selected files/directories and prompts the 
		user for a new name.
Spacbar   	Toggle Marked items (marked items appear bold)
Backspace  	Change to Parent directory
Ins        	Make Directory
Del        	Delete selected file/directory
F1         	Help
F2         	Rename
F3         	Find/Find Next
F4         	Site Manager
F5         	Refresh
F6         	Preferences
F7         	Define Commands
F8         	Quick Connect
F9		Minimize to System Tray (Hide)
F12		Opens a new copy of FlashFXP
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