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Lies Dir nochmal die Installationsanweisung zu ioBanana durch. Dann findest Du dieses hier:

Step 7. Bot scripts

You'll need to use this to get correct announces.
Using anything else is asking for troubles.
I developped on windrop 1.6.13, 1.6.15 and 1.6.16; anything else in unsupported, but might work. I didn't try.

Make sure your eggdrop is started using "eggdrop.exe -nt" for !search and !bnc to work correctly.

Create a sitebot user and give it the "1" flag; it needs to be able to kick, chgrp, etc.

!!! Very IMPORTANT Note: !!!
You can't change your ftp msgfiles and expect ioBanana to still be able to parse them correctly. If you change your msgfiles in text\ftp, you'll need some tcl knowledge to change ioBanana.tcl to fit your changes.

Copy the *.tcl and *.skin files from .\Eggdrop Scripts\ dir in windrop\scripts\ dir...

...and add this line to your eggdrop.conf:
source scripts/ioBanana.tcl

You'll need to configure it until you reach the "Configuration ends here" mark.

Optionnaly, you can edit the *.skin file to fit your taste.

Note: loadmodule transfer; loadmodule notes; loadmodule blowfish

Note: Create a text/ftp/Free with: [Free: %.[free($path)(mega)]MB]-[Sitename] for the !free <section> and low-diskspace warning to work...
You also need to add this line in the [FTP_Custom_Commands] section of ioFTPD.ini:
free = !..\text\ftp\Free


Das sollte Dir helfen.
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