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Question site wipe weird behavior

using ioA2.0.0B i have something that bugs me:
i cannot wipe directories without space in dirname

[11:31:01] [R] SITE WIPE test.folder.towipe
[11:31:01] [R] 550 Command failed.

[11:31:31] [R] RNFR test.folder.towipe
[11:31:32] [R] 350 File exists, ready for destination name.
[11:31:32] [R] RNTO test.folder towipe
[11:31:32] [R] 250 RNTO command successful.

[11:31:55] [R] SITE WIPE test.folder towipe
[11:31:55] [R] 200--[Wipe]-------------------------------------------------------------------------
[11:31:55] [R] 200- Wiped: 1 dirs, 1 files, 2.39MB
[11:31:55] [R] 200---------------------------------------------------------------------------[ioA]-

first wipe doesnt write anything to ioA.debug
second one reports the wipe :
02-25-2005 11:30:52 WIPE - Time to run command: 16ms

anyone encountered this one too?

using ioFTPD5.8.5r+ioA2.0.0.B+ioBananav20
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