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ist doch komplett in der ioA.html readme beschrieben ....

6. If wanting dated dirs to be created add under [Scheduler]
Newday = 0 0 * * EXEC ..\scripts\ioA\ioA.exe NEWDATE
# Where newdate should be used.
# Format: "<area>|<description>|<physical path>|<vfs path>|<todaylink>|<uid>|<gid>|<offset of day>|<log or not>|<mode>"
# offset can be used to create any day from current one. -10 would create dated dir of 10 days back.
# 10 will be 10 days forward.
# %Y=2003, %y=03, %W=week, %M=month, %D=day can be used.
# If no links should be created set NULL at parameter

Newdate_0 = "mp3|some mp3shit|d:\ioFTPD\site\mp3\%M%D|/MP3/%M%D|d:\ioftpd\site\today-mp3|0|0|0|1|777"
#This is a example that creates yesterday shortcut. Note -1 for yesterday and 0 for not logging it. It also changes mode to 755
Newdate_1 = "mp3|some mp3shit|d:\ioFTPD\site\mp3\%M%D|/MP3/%M%D|d:\ioftpd\site\yesterday-mp3|0|0|-1|0|755"

#How to log newdate to ioFTPD.log
Newdate_Log = ""%area" "%vfs" "%desc" "%phys""

Pfade anpassen und fertig, evtl noch time settings verschieben wegen UTC .....
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