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done some tests here now...

by using the line you pasted last from settings it works perfect for me with reqfilled
Request_Line = "[REQUESTS] - [ %##:] %-10user at %D-%M-%Y ~ %request"

Using this line from the post before there is one problem.
Request_Line = "[REQUESTS] - [ %##:] %-65request ~ by %-10user at %D-%M-%Y"

You probably changed the Request_Field to be "] " since that is what is before the %request. However you also got "] " after the inital requestsword so it will match that instead.

If I instead use it like this:
Request_Line = "[REQUESTS]-[ %##:] %-65request ~ by %-10user at %D-%M-%Y"
This will work since theres no "] " more than the one in front of request. It need to be unique

reqwipe I havnt tried yet but the way it work is..
if grabs the setting from
Request_File = "F:\REQ\.ioFTPD.message"
removes ".ioFTPD.message" and starts listing dirs in f:\req. if it finds a dir that contaings "[Filled]" it will check it.

hope this cleared some up, I'll test wipe when I get back home again.
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