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Got a problem with kick on nuke.

Users don't get kicked on nuke and so Dir isn't renamed. Is this because one of the users has got the M Flag? Or did I do something wrong?

debug Log sais:

05-16-2005 13:20:38 NUKE - Running kick...start
05-16-2005 13:20:38 NUKE - Running kick...stop. result=0, success
05-16-2005 13:20:39 NUKE - Was unable to rename nuked directory
05-16-2005 13:20:39 NUKE - Flushing cache in: e:\ftp\upload\Tools\[Nuked]
05-16-2005 13:20:39 NUKE - Time to run command: 11887ms
the first two lines are there 50 times and then 'was unable to rename...'.

using ioA 2.0.3

Thx for any help
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