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Unhappy PRE

Hi! I've got an error with ioA 2.0.3 :

When I go in the /PRE/SiTeOp/ vfs path where is located the folder Release-Name, and execute this command in flashFXP :
site pre SERIES Release-Name, i got that:

[R] site pre SERIES Release-Name
[R] 200--[Pre]-----------------------------------------------------------------------
[R] 200- Error occured. Path failure
[R] 200------------------------------------------------------------------------[ioA]-
[R] 200- ioA execution time: 0ms
[R] 200 Command Successful.

Here is my configuration of ioA :
Pre_Group_0			= "SiTeOp|SERIES|/PRE/SiTeOp|0|0|"
Pre_Order			= 0
Pre_Log				= ""%vfs/%release" "%user" "%group" "%.0files" "%.2mb" "%type" "%desc" "%ufo" "%genre" "%kbit" "%year""
Pre_Touch_Owner			= 1
Pre_Give_Credits_To_Uploaders	= 1
Pre_Give_Credits_To_Predude	= 1
Pre_Run_Script			= "E:\ioFTPD\imdb.exe"
Pre_File_Filter_0 		= "*.ioFTPD*"
Pre_Skip_Messagefile		= 1
Pre_Stats_File			= "E:\ioFTPD\logs\pre_stats.log"
Can anyone help me?
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