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Default WarChive 2.1

[VERSION] + ioFTPD 5-8-5r - dZSbot 1.15 - Eggdrop 1.6.17 - ioA 2.0.6 - WarChive 2.1

Got this error on deleting files on a archive disc that holds 4 sections:


Problem is that it reads this 350gig hdd inn bytes and not mega bytes
IRC sitebot output moving to archive hdd:
[APPS] + Auto-Archive (2259.00MB) The.Release.that.ur.not.getting.the.nave-OF Now: 2802.00MB Moved to: /ARCHIVE/APPS
IRC sitebot output deleting from hdd:
[/ARCHIVE/APPS] + Auto-Wipe (8.71MB) The.Release.that.ur.not.getting.the.nave-OF Now: 9.36MB
The release that was wiped was 650MB big .. and not 0,65MB

The *.VFS setup for that hdd looks like this:
So all the sections on that hdd is a sub section.
Debug mode was of, and it'll take som time to fill it as warchive deleted a shitload of stuff thinking it was deleting 1 and 1 mb as inn real it was deleting 2-3 GB big releases :S
Ill update here as soon as i have moved around some files to generate a debug for you.

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