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Dear Foxmaster

Your problem is do to a bad reply by one of your ftp.
The CTS.Bot do a site monthup on every site, but one of yours is giving a bad reply and instead of getting a number value it got the word "STAFF".
My tip is to have a look on the monthup files manually, whit a text editor and see which is having problems.
In case you fix it on ftp you have to stop the bot running, delete the monthup and monthup.last files, then restart it and do on query saveusers.
This shoud fix it.

I'm on testing, RC level, whit CTS.ReLoAdeD 3.0 , i hope to not found more bugs and publish soon it.
I'm in lack whit tester, if somebody have some time to spent i will be glad to give around some pre release.
You can find me on irc, on efnet or linknet (NiK or N|K).

Thanks, ByE
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